Derby Ink Day 2: Team Rogue Whips Love City, 194-4


Team Rogue came to the Derby Ink Invitational to prove that they weren’t messing around, and that showed with an absolutely dominating performance against Love City Roller Derby.

Love City had no answers to the faster Rogue jammers and harder-hitting Rogue blockers. The jammer rotation of Nash Villain, Grim D Mise, Buster Skull, Spry Icicle and Jocelyn Bassler all skated in huge jams, the largest of which was a 20-0 by Grim as she pulled a slick 360 spin going into turn 3 on one of the scoring passes. Love City’s only point of the first half came when Gingershread slipped in behind a Bassler scoring pass early in the period.

Rogue continued to dominate in the second, racking up full passes seemingly every jam. Although the game wasn’t in doubt after the first few minutes, Love City kept plugging away, eventually picking up points on a 4-3 jam loss with 2:30 left in the game on Gingershred’s entry into the pack behind Rogue’s lead jammer.

Rouge had a chance to go over 200 points in 40 minutes, getting within 6 before the last jam. However, Spry Icicle couldn’t get past a Love City player before the period clock ran out, ending the game with a commanding 194-4 Team Rogue victory. They end pool play with an emphatic 2-0 record, while Love City will look to get something back against Penn Jersey later this evening.

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