Derby Ink Day 2: Team Rogue Shuts Down Penn Jersey, 110-7


After a discussion in the locker room about how the seeding would be distributed for the women’s semi-finals, Team Rogue was declared the top team based on points in their two dominating performances against Love City and the MADE All-stars during pool play. Rouge found themselves facing Penn Jersey once again for a trip to the finals, and just like their last meeting, the game was a walkover.

Although Penn Jersey picked up a couple of points in the opening jams, it was literally all Rogue in the first half. Grim D Mise, Nash Villian, Spry Icicle, and the rest of the Rogue jammer rotation all contributed to the scoreboard; Spry had the biggest jam of the first, and the game, a 14-0 nearing the end of the first half.

This was not for a lack of effort on Penn Jersey’s part; they managed to get a scoring threat out much more often than in previous games, albeit still behind the Rogue lead jammer. With the game quickly falling into their lap, Rogue was happy to let these jams end with low scores or even go 0-0, knowing they would likely pick up a score on the next jam.

The halftime score read 56-2 in favor of Rogue, and although it was quickly becoming obvious that Rogue would be playing in the final, Penn Jersey kept plugging away, eventually picking up a 2-0 jam win by Bexi Wexi and a 3-3 draw from Classy Chassy.

But those would be the last points the She Devils would get to see at the Derby Ink Invitational, as Rogue cruised to a 110-7 victory, setting the ladies’ final later tonight with Team Rogue vs. Team Bionic for the $8,000 winner’s check.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Team Rogue’s pool opponents were Love City and Penn Jersey, not Love City and the MADE All-Stars. DNN regrets the error.

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