Derby Ink Day 2: Team Bionic Terminates Penn Jersey, 173-9


With no games scheduled for Friday, the Penn Jersey She Devils had plenty of time to prepare for their first game of the weekend against Team Bionic. Team Bionic was more than ready to take them on, despite this only being their second game under the MADE ruleset.

Starting out with a Bonnie Thunders 9-0 jam, Bionic and Penn Jersey swapped points in the first five minutes of the game. A forearm penalty by Bionic’s Rangeon gave PJRD a chance to pick up some points in return, and after four jams the score read 12-8 in favor of Bionic. However, those points would turn out to be the last ones Penn Jersey would score for the rest of the first half–and in the second half they only managed to add a singular point to that as Bionic completed the blowout.

In the next jam, Penn Jersey jammer Nique Havoc broke from the pack after a Psychobabble jammer penalty, but fell down and allowed the Bionic pivot to pass her, pick up lead status, and win the jam 4-0. Penn Jersey ran into more trouble, with their pivots and jammers finding the penalty box or the outside rail every time they tried to break free from the pack. This let Bionic pick up big jams: Christy More Cowbell got a 10-0, Stella Italiana a 12-0, and Bonnie Thunders a huge 15-0. The only thing stopping Bionic’s run was halftime, where the score of 72-8 had them ahead.

That stoppage was only temporarily, as Bionic poured it on even more during the second half. Bionic’s jammers were dropping three-pass scores and their blockers were keeping the Penn Jersey jammers and pivots behind them seemingly at will. A hard flop under the rail and a shoulder injury to Dental DAM-age depleted Penn Jersey resources even more.

The She Devils could only manage to steal a single point in the second half as Nique Havoc nabbed it pivoting behind one of Team Bionic’s numerous lead jammer calls; the best they could after that was to chase Bionic’s elite jammers and force them to call it off with no score. Team Bionic skated away with a 173-9 victory, finishing pool play with a perfect 2-0 record. Penn Jersey will see more action later tonight when they face Love City.

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