Derby Ink Day 2: Shove City Arrests Hooligans, 81-53


In yet another rematch of close rivals from Philly, this game was destined to be competitive. It looked that way starting out, as neither team could jump out to a scoring-pass points margin until 5 minutes in, when the Hooligans crept out to a 15-10 lead on the heels of Nurse Ratchet and Sik Boy. After a penalty-heavy 4-4 jam filled the 4-seat penalty box to capacity, Shove City’s Ed McMayhem won the jammer race through the thin pack and picked up 3-for-1 after coming around to pull the score back to 19-17.

Both teams would trade slim margins for the next 10 minutes, with neither team able to get a real lead until Shove City began a strong run with a 4-0 jam by Rollomite, followed by a set of 3-1, 4-1, 4-0, and 4-2 jams by Ed McMayhem and The Hammer Jammer. The Hooligans paused the pullaway with a couple of small jam wins and equal jam scores, but Shove City kept their stride and finished the half with four wins in a row, leading at halftime 47-33.

Shove City kept rolling into the second half, scoring 13 more points before the Hooligans could get on the board again. Once they did, they weren’t able to keep positive points margins, with the only clear jam wins coming by way of Nurse Ratchet. Shove City kept getting lead jammer calls, preventing the Hooligans from closing any ground, and eventually their small jam wins began to total an insurmountable lead with time running out.

Shove City went on to win the game, 81-53. Both teams will advance to the semi-finals tomorrow following the elimination of the Vice Squad earlier today.

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