Derby Ink Day 2: Penn Jersey Outmuscles Love City, 63-23


After their corresponding brother leagues faced each other, the two Philadelphia ladies’ banked track teams did battle. To add a bit of spice to the proceeds, both teams knew ahead of the game that the loser was to be eliminated from the competition.

Perhaps as a result of that, both teams went conservative to start, with only 9 total points being scored in the first 6 minutes of the game, Love City holding a 5-4 lead. However, Penn Jersey began to put together some solid jamming and solid defense to support it, getting a grand slam by Classy Chassy and a 9-0 by Nique Havoc. The lead kept growing, all the way to 31-12.

A crazy back-and-forth jam followed: The diminutive Nique Havoc and a tall drink of water in Love City’s Marilyn McMancrusher sparred with one another outside the forward engagement zone. Nique railed Marilyn hard on the backstretch seemingly having the pack to herself for a scoring pass…only to get railed herself by Love City’s rear blocking, allowing Marilyn to catch up and re-steal a point before calling it off.

That jam seemed to wake up Love City for a few jams, who then picked up two full-pull passes to bring the score to a more manageable 32-20 at halftime. They picked up another point to start the second half, but then Penn Jersey got back to getting lead jammer, hitting 4-0s with Nique and Crash Anne Burn. Picking up a few singles along the way, PJRD found themselves up 44-21 with 11 minutes left in the game.

A Love City time-out led into a 4-minute stretch of 0-point jams, despite the She Devils hitting the penalty box hard. Once Penn Jersey returned to full pack strength, however, they also put more points on the scoreboard with a big 7-0 jam by Crash followed by two more positive jams. Gingershred managed to get a 1-pointer in the closing stages, but that was all Love City had left.

Penn Jersey took the victory, 63-23, ending Love City’s weekend without a win. Penn Jersey’s 1-1 record should be good enough for a spot in the semis, pending the outcome of the nightcap between Wolfpack and the MADE All-Stars.

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