Derby Ink Day 2: Bionic Skins Wolfpack, 62-50


With pool play over, the teams that have made it to the semi-finals have something major to play for: Each of the winners are guaranteed at least a $2,000 payday, with the ultimate winner getting an upgrade to an $8,000 check. Bionic and Wolfpack hit the track in the first game of Sunday, in a rematch of their Friday game.

Proceedings started out slowly as both teams preferred to go heavy on jammer defense, leaving both pivots alone on the start line. Wolfpack opened scoring with a 1-0 from Brazil Nut and Bionic countered with a 3-0 from Bonnie Thunders (with a few 0-0 jams sprinkled in between) putting the early score at 3-1 after 4 minutes.

Team Bionic then started getting into penalty trouble, keeping their box occupied for much of the first half. With both their jammer and pivot sitting, Wolfpack went on a true a power jam opportunity with ‘Snot Rocket Science. If not for a key block by Akers to force Snot out of bounds to end the jam, the damage would have been much more than the 8 points Snot managed to pick up beforehand.

The Bionic penalty problems kept coming, and so did the Wolfpack points, amassing 17 more in the next 6 minutes to bring the score up to 28-3. Bionic eventually stopped getting sent to the box, and Bonnie Thunders was able to break through with a full pass, then a big 9-0 a few jams later following a critical pivot penalty on Wolfpack’s V-Diva. Brazil Nut and Stella Italiana traded single pass runs to close the half, pulling the halftime score at 35-19 in favor of Team Wolfpack.

Bionic started the second half with a noticeable change in start line tactics, electing to load the start line with blockers to cover the pivots; Wolfpack stayed back to deal with the jammers. This switch immediately benefitted Team Bionic, going 9-0 in the next two jams and only suffering a 3-4 jam loss the jam after that, a loss cancelled out with a subsequent 2-1 win.

Now only trailing 44-37, Bionic poured on the offense and picked up a tight 1-0 jammer race win with Bonnie Thunders and a huge 4-0 with Rangeon, who had seen limited jamming action this weekend. After a brief injury timeout to tend to Anne Frankenstein, Wolfpack pulled back 2 points when Snot Rocket pushed her way past half of a Bionic 4-wall, putting Wolfpack’s dwindling lead back to 46-42 with 5 minutes remaining.

But the Bionic offensive onslaught couldn’t be stopped. Tyra Shanks soon scored the go-ahead points with a 4-0. With 3 minutes left Rangeon got another 4-0. With 2 minutes left, Bonnie got a 3-0. Approaching the last minute of play, Rangeon got another 3-0 jam win. In the dying seconds, Wolfpack could only muster a desperation 4-3, which was too little, too late.

Team Bionic took the victory by the final score of 62-50. They will advance to the big-money final against the winner of the Team Rogue/Penn Jersey game later today.

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