Derby Grrrl Of The Month!

It’s October! Halloween is coming up and we have plenty of exciting events happening this month! We’ll post up pictures of our little adventure to the Zoo for our league’s 1st year anniversary very soon but meanwhile, here is our October Chilli Padi!

Real Name: Taferine Huang
Derby Name: Riot Mamba
Derby Number: 10
Age: 27

Tell Us About Yourself:

Having lived in Australia for the last 5 years, I have recently relocated to back to Singapore. I moved to Australia to study Marine Biology but graduated with an Aquaculture degree instead. I guess you can say I love the ocean and the animals in it. I love Australia, it has become home to me. I also grew up wishing I could be a ninja, I’m not kidding! I believed I watched the ‘Karate Kid’ way too many times now. I am quite the adrenaline junkie, and enjoy living life on the edge. As they say, “you only live once”. So I’m making the most of it.

Why That Derby Name?

My former derby name was Baroness of Riot, I loved it but found it way too long so I wanted to shortened it. Coincidentally, I had my very first snake bite recently while trying to restrain a snake at work. It was non-venomous but it kinda ripped my fingers and blood was everywhere. I’ve always had my utmost respect for my reptilian friends, so I decided to add ‘Mamba’ to the equation. Inspired by the Black Mamba, the fastest snake in the world with a deadly venom that can kill a person within an hour. I wouldn’t want to mess with that snake! :p

How Did You Get The Derby Fever?

I found myself sharing with a lot of people why I joined derby or why I started CPDG in Singapore and I’m really thankful for that. I didn’t find derby actually, it found me! After having watched ‘Whip it’ and my first bout in Melbourne with the Victorian Roller Derby League playing, I was blown away. I remembered saying, “I wished I could play derby” but never thought I really would until I moved back to Townsville Queensland and a mate of mine asked if I wanted to play, I said ‘YES!”. Before you know it, I was skating with the Towns Villains Roller Derby League and I was in love. Now I skate with the chilli padis.

What Do You Do Outside Roller Derby?

I work at River Safari, a new attraction coming up at the Singapore Zoo. I spend most of my waking hours at work or doing derby stuff but when I do get some free time and money, I go scuba diving, rock climbing or travel.

How Has Roller Derby Changed Your Life?

It has taken over my life! I eat, drink, sleep, think derby now which is kind of scary. I never saw myself being so committed to anything for so long! I have a very short attention span, so this is a big surprise to me. If I am not playing derby, I’m doing derby stuff, running the league, meeting the grrrls but, I’m happy and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Worst Thing About Derby?

I wished I had the ‘Shrink Ray’ gun like ‘Honey I shrunk the kids” to shrink my skates, so I can carry them easy when travelling to and fro from training. They make excellent weights but a pain to carry!

How Do You Feel About Roller Derby And Feminism And Do You Consider Yourself A Feminist?

I’ve always loved watching strong women kick ass in movies; secretly wishing I had some super power and I think derby offers that. Women dominate this sport and I guess that’s why people tend to refer it closely to it being part of a feminist movement. It allows women to be stronger, and they can be any super hero they want. It does have the ‘Riot grrrl’ tinge to it which is really cool too.

I am not too sure if I consider myself a feminist, I mean I’m not a part of any feminist group but I do my bit in my own way. I believe that women should be given equal opportunities to excel and do what they love. Derby provides that and I’m glad I’m part of it.

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?

If money comes easy for you, before you decide to spend for your skates and equipment, do some research and see if it is really for you! It is going to take lots of time and commitment to be a full-fledged derby grrrl but once you have decided it is you, I say ‘GO FOR IT’! Other than that, don’t give up! Keep trying!

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