Derby Deeds Podcast™ – Episode #201

Photo by Bob Ayers, used with permission

It’s the RollerCon episode!!

You can download the show directly by right clicking on the link below and choosing “Save Link As”, or just click to stream it. – Episode #201

This week, we present our RollerCon 2014 episode.  In years past, we have done “Live” shows, with a group of listeners around us, passing microphones around, etc.  THIS year, we decided to do something a little different.  We spent RollerCon walking around with a portable recorder, talking to people about the different aspects of the convention, from time out at the pool, to time out at the training tracks, challenge bouts, sanctioned bouts, everything!

We talk about our own experience for a while, but then just turn it over to the interviews.

Please do enjoy!

This week’s cast:

  • Jason Megatron Burrows
  • Teeny Mussolini
  • Miracle Whips
  • Mack the Mouth
  • Tara Armov
  • B-Train
  • The Rev!
  • Kasey Bomber
  • Coach G Money
  • Urkin’ Jerkin’
  • Raven Evergore
  • Suzy Stormcloud
  • Allie Gator
  • Angela Death
  • Lulu Lockjaw
  • Ann O’War
  • Tui Lyon
  • Sutton Impact
  • Magnum PIMP
  • Jonathan R
  • and Pitchit!

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