Derby Data Europe - Weekend Preview 21st March 2014

This weekend sees ten women's roller derby games happening in Europe, here are the most notable games.

Highest ranked game: Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (10) vs London Brawl Saints (2). This is the first time these teams have played each other and they are both currently sat in the top 10. London Brawl Saints have only been defeated once, but Middlesbrough go in to this game having a strong run of results.

Game that may have the biggest impact on the rankings: Kallio Rolling Rainbow (13) vs Bay City Rollers (64). With a rankings difference of 51 places and a predicted win of nearly 250 points for Kallio, there is potential for a lot of movement within the top 100.

Closest predicted game: Birmingham Blitz Dames (30) vs Sheffield Steel Rollergirls (35). A 15 point win is predicted for Birmingham in what appears to be the first time these two teams have met on track despite being two of the most established teams in the UK.

Other games this weekend include:
  • Heartland Series North East Bout 2: Rebellion Roller Derby vs. Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
  • Heartland Series North East Bout 2: Cambridge Rollerbillies vs. Oxford Roller Derby
  • Bembel Town Roller Girls vs. Meatgrinders Bremen
  • Royal Windsor Rollergirls - B Team (B'Headers) vs. Bruisin' Banditas
  • Leeds Roller Dolls - B Team (Whip-Its) vs. Oxford Wheels of Gory
  • Leeds Roller Dolls - A Team (Rebel Roses) vs. Hellfire Harlots
  • Suomi Cup 2014: Helsinki Roller Derby vs. Tampere Roller Derby
  • Very Bad Tripes: Leopard Avengers vs. Lille Roller Grrrls
  • Alcoy Roller Derby vs. Valencia Roller Derby
  • Rayo Dockers vs. Rock n Roller Murcia

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