Derailers are back in the Forum!

Supporting the local boxing club at their amazing event last night!  Left to Right: Kerosene Kate, Lumen, Kernel Panic, Pownderpuff, Jen n’ Tonic, Dirty, and Roohide Ria

Pictures by Roohide Ria and Kernel Panic

It was a long off season with nowhere to skate but finally we’re back where we belong!  In the Revelstoke Forum, skating laps on smooth concrete!  The first two practices back we were all there for more than our share of the practice, and we’re starting dry land training.  Our coach has a bad injury but Pownderpuff stepped up to run things like she normally does and got us back up to speed using Commanda’s practice plans. We all have new gear to try out and get used to.  Gear in derby is just like gear in skiing, we’re all derby gear heads and our gear is still constantly evolving.  Shoutout to Karl at Society for bringing derby gear to town… we definitely needed that.

Kerosene Kate came straight from work with her best shoes on, nice pose Kate!

It’s been too long since we saw each other!  Hanging out with girls all the time is something I severely undervalued before starting with derby.  Getting to meet fresh meat and knowing what lies ahead of them in the next couple months is fun.  Discovering how amazing derby love is can really open your eyes to the amazing experience that is the empowered woman in this day and age.

Last night we ran security for the local boxing club and did 50-50′s!  It seemed as though everyone in town was there to support our fighters, it was packed and sold out.  It was great to meet the boxing club and it was a well run event.   Don’t be surprised if you see them helping us out at our bouts as well. RRD is all about helping other community organizations!

Keep checking back for updates on how we’re doing and for the deets on upcoming bouts!  We have some excitement this year to reveal!  We’re aiming for bigger beer gardens and even more entertaining halftime shows.  We’ll have a couple more home games this year including a double header with a men’s roller derby game!  They are two of the best men’s teams in Canada, so get ready for your first look at some bone crunching good fun.  We updated our logo and we’ll have better variety of swag to strut your stuff in at the upcoming games!


Thanks for your continued support Revelstoke, here’s to a year even better than the last!

Derby <3  Kernel Panic

Stretch those hammies girls, they're stiff from sitting on the all winter cause we have no winter skating venue! New gear, what did you get this year?? Pownderpuff drilling us straight from the lesson plan, structure!! New gear needs adjusting, Akilla the Honey in the foreground Kerosene Kate came straight from work with her best shoes on, nice pose Kate! Like our mean faces? At the local boxing club's event where we ran security

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