Demolition City 159, NRG Warning Belles 110


INDIANAPOLIS, IN — In the undercard match for Sunday afternoon’s Windy City vs Naptown battle, the Demolition City Dynamite Dolls (Evansville, IL) used solid slow walls — along with effective speed-exploitation on a series of jammer penalties — to run up a huge 80-point first-half lead against Naptown’s B team, the Warning Belles. Although the Belles played a stronger second half and cut the deficit nearly in half, they never got back within single-jam striking distance and Demolition City took the win 159-110.

Demolition City took control early, up 40-13 after the opening ten minutes. Though the Warning Belles slowed their roll a bit through the midpoint of the half, they couldn’t launch much of a rally against repeated small-ball wins from Demolition City, and the visitors were solidly up 53-17 with 15:59 in the first half.

Even with Demolition City falling into some blocker penalty trouble on a 4-2 situation that spanned two jams, the Warning Belles only picked up 3 points on the sequence before the pack equalized, and it was 53-20 with 13:53 left. Things continued to go south for the home team following a jammer penalty to Bloody Waters, and DCDD jammer Bambi Thumpher exploited her team’s passive offense and Naptown’s thin pack for a crippling 25-0 that put Demolition City way up, 78-20, with 11:47 in the first half.

Two jams and two Warning Belles jammer penalties later, DCDD’s lead had exploded upwards upwards to 108-25. The Belles finally strung together a few lead jammer calls late in the half with strong work from Blue Messiah with the star, but only nicked three points off that lead — at the break, the Warning Belles were down 119-39.

The Belles’ penalty-killing improved notably in the second half, as Deadie Page, Salacious T, and Lethal Vixen managed to hold Godjilla to only a 5-4 win following the half’s first jammer penalty to the Belles’ Honey Badger. Three jams later, Belles’ jammer Eve Van Hellical forced a nearly immediate track cut off the line against opposing number Bambi ThumpHer, who became the third player in a completely full DCDD penalty box. The resultant 23-0 run for the Warning Belles got the crowd right back in the game at 130-72 with 20 minutes to play. Demolition City called their first timeout after a followup 0-0 jam.

The home team had all the momentum there, but Demolition City still had a 58 point lead, and got some strong backwards blocking from Coco Cream-Ahoe and Stepheree that kept Belles jammers from picking up any more big wins over the middle stretch of the second half. The margin hadn’t changed much with 12 minutes left in the game and DCDD up 139-78. It looked like the Belles were in some serious trouble when Bloody Waters hit the box as Naptown jammer there, but the DCDD powerjam was cut short after one pass when Sprintin Tarantino back-blocked her way to the box; Naptown got out of a bad situation with a 5-5 tie and an unopposed Blue Messiah starting the next jam.

The jammer musical chairs continued apace – a track cut to Messiah and a low block to a released Sprintin Tarantino – and on top of all that, DCDD captain Shelby N Pain fouled out during that chaotic sequence. When it was all over, though, the Demolition City lead was still holding strong at 150-97 with about 7 minutes to play, leaving the Belles in a serious time crunch. DCDD was able to play lead jammer smartly on the next two frames, pulling a small-ball 4-0 and a time-killing 0-0 to wind things down to 154-97 with 4 minutes to go.

Although the Belles got a powerjam opportunity with 2:40 left to play when effective solo blocking from Kimmie S’more eventually forced Bambi ThumpHer to the box, there was just too much ground to make up at 154-100. They closed to 154-110 with under a minute to play going into the final jam, but the game ended with Belles jammer Eve Anne Hellical boxed on a forearm and DCDD’s Gojilla calling it off after five points with a 49 point win, 159-110.

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