Deep Valley Downs Southern Discomfort, 208-159


EUGENE, OR–The Deep Valley Belligerents (MRDA 14) overpowered London’s unranked Southern Discomfort 208-159 in the first international men’s roller derby bout at the Big O.

Although Deep Valley lead from whistle-to-whistle, the first international men’s roller derby bout between Southern Discomfort and Deep Valley Belligerents (MRDA 14) proved to be as physical, aggressive, and gripping as most of the derby world expected it to be.

Deep Valley held London back at 45-22 midway through the first period, and while London inched the points forward, the half ended 103-54 in Deep Valley’s favor. The entire game was fraught with huge hits, swirling defensive pods with a bounty of backwards blocking, tight strategy, apex jumps (forwards and backwards), nimble footwork, and quick moves.

A enormous hit toward the end of the first period by Deep Valley’s Mr. Dick forced London jammer Reaper to clean most of turn 3 with the side of his face, then get up and easily slide through the pack in a move that can only be compared to dancing.

The second half proved much of the same, with Deep Valley pushing their points even higher with the advantage of two power jams while holding London to only 11 points in the first 11 jams.

A track cut by Mr. Dick halfway through the second period allowed London to score the more points than in any of their previous jams, gaining 24 points to bring the score 161-91 in Deep Valley’s favor. Upon Mr. Dick’s return from the box, he laid an even more colossal hit on Reaper, sending him hard to the floor after which the jam was whistled dead as the paramedics were called in. Reaper, however, was back in the game 5 jams later.

London advanced another 47 points late in the game with two power jams in their favor–but still finished 208-159 behind Deep Valley.

Other notable players were London blocker Sutton Impact, whose dogged and incredibly aggressive and effective blocking forced Deep Valley jammers to fight for their points on every pass. Deep Valley jammer Colture Shock, in his hockey helmet with full face shield, played an incredibly intelligent and lithe game.

Recap provided by Scarletta Vendetta.

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