December WARDian of the Month: Boulder Over

BoulderOur December WARDian of the month is a quiet achiever and she sure does bring a lot to WARD. You see her at training, NSOing at bouts or selling you our wonderful WARD merchandise. Congratulations Boulder Over!

How did you get into derby?

I have had a couple of friends in the past that have done derby, and it sounded really awesome, so when I felt I needed a team sport to take my exercise up a notch, derby was my first choice! WARD had a new intake a week later, so I jumped in with both feet!

What do you get out of derby?

Fun, friendship and fitness! WARD is made up of a very welcoming and supportive group of people, and it really feels great to be a part of something so awesome. I love the challenge of learning new skills, and there are heaps of those to learn in derby!

What has been the highlight of your skating career so far?

Jumping cones! My first time jumping was at my first assessment – I was so scared! They��re such tiny cones, but they look so tall when you’re expected to clear them with wheels on your feet. I was so proud of myself for giving it a go and making it over them and staying upright afterwards! All my fellow freshies made it look so easy, but still gave me a good cheer when I did it myself.

Most embarrassing moment?

My first time on skates was a bit of an eye opener. I’d just laced up my skates, fallen forwards, and it took me about 5 minutes to get up again. Then I immediately fell backwards.

Do you have any training tips?

Get your skates on! Skate as much as possible, at training, boot camps, social skate sessions, outdoors, in your house, wherever! Every little bit helps.
Don’t compare your progress with other skaters’. It’s a fine way to make yourself feel bad. Focus on how far you’ve come, and what you’ve improved on; it’s your own journey.

What are your derby aspirations?

Short term, I’m aiming to blow the next assessment out of the water, and be contact cleared! Longer term I want to be drafted onto a team and live up to my derby name; I want to be the best blocker I can be.

Who would you nominate as next WARDian of the Month?

Dean-O-Mite. He’s always at O’Connor to explain a drill, lend encouragement or show us some awesome skills. He never gives up on us freshies, or lets us give up on ourselves, and is always willing to work patiently with someone who is struggling to master something.

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