December Volunteer of the Month – Viva Glam

This month we say good bye to Viva Glam. She’s been with PRG for over 3 years as a skater and a volunteer. We asked some of the Vets that have known Viva the longest about what they will remember most about her. We’re going to miss her so much!


  • Joined PRG: June 2, 2011
  • Committee: Inter-league Liaison
  • Team: Psychopathogens
  • Position: Blocker
  • Number: R3D
  • Birthday: December 7
  • Hometown: Milpitas, CA

Comments from her league mates:

  • Viva Glam has been with PRG since almost the beginning. She has been our amazing inter-league liaison. Her bright and cordial attitude has been a shining example of what PRG is all about. On the track she is a great blocker and works well with her team.
  • She has always been a reliable member of the league. Always there when you need her to do a task and always efficient when doing it. The best interleague rep we have ever had. Always has a word of encouragement for a fellow skater. She will be missed in her position as interleague as much as she had been missed as a skater.
  • Viva lives up to her name on the outside, but is even more glamorous on the inside. Viva is an awesome league-mate, and has such a great heart. She is the face & voice for PRG and does a phenomenal job of representing the league.
  • First off Viva Glam is her name for good reason.  This woman knows her makeup and technique.  She has a freaking beauty blog with loads of tips and tricks and her evil superpower is her ability to get you to buy every eyeliner urban decay makes (I didn’t know I needed gold eyeliner but I did and it’s amazing).  Need to put on some eyelashes?  Yeah, Viva knows what you’re doing wrong and her tip will change you forever.
    But don’t let her Beauty Blogger awesomeness fool you.  Viva is not just all lipstick and eyeliner.  She is smart and complex like a woman from a Joss Whedon show.  She is an educator, an athlete and a strong voice for the marginalized members of our society.
    In the past year alone I have learned so much about issues that I had never really been exposed to.  She is always willing to participate in calm, educated discussions of social topics.  As a result I often approach new topics wondering “How would Viva address this?”
    She inspired me to start running and is responsible for me actually running a half marathon (crazy).  She always has great book suggestions and the woman can knit.  She is kind of awesome and inspiring all over the place.
    I don’t know that anyone in PRG has taught me as much about myself as Viva has.
  • Viva has been a solid member of PRG both as a skater on the Psychos and behind the scenes as our inter-league liaison.  As a Psycho, she was a formidable blocker, making walls strong and difficult to get through.  But it is her work as inter-league that she stands out. It is not easy getting bouts scheduled and balanced for a roller derby league, but Viva did it with lots of patience, calm and great communication skills. It was a pleasure to have her schedule the bouts for the last three years. She also worked the door at many home bouts, being the welcoming face to many of our loyal fans.  I will miss Viva’s presence in PRG. She has large shoes to fill!

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