Day of Derby

On November 29, 2014, history was made. The NWO Roller Girls hosted the first ever Day of Derby event in conjunction with RBC Sports Day in Canada. The Rated PG Rollergirls took the chance to make a trip down south and play with teams and players from all over British Columbia! There were adult, co-ed, and junior bouts and scrimmages all day on two different tracks! Rated PG gave it their all in four exhausting mini-games (not to mention those who played in the mixed scrimmages) and came away not only with a few new bruises, but also learning experiences, some new moves to try out, and an affirmed love for our sport! I don't even know how many games our Rated PG Referees officiated, but they were on their skates all day! Thanks to Roxie Shocker for skating with us throughout, you were an inspiration to us all! And congratulations to Pandamonia for winning "The Quiet Hero" award!

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Derby Chick even wore orange and grey to celebrate!

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