Dairyland Dolls out-horsepower Hotrod Honeys 101 to 92


After losing to the Dairyland Dolls last year on their home track in Austin, the Hotrod Honeys came to Madison looking for payback. The girls in pink & black were in fine form and gave the fans at Fast Forward a night of nail-biting, fast as lightning flat track competition.

With their ferocious feline captain Cat-Tastrophe at the helm, the Texas team certainly gave Crackerjack and the DD’s a run for their money. The Dolls’ Mouse met her doppelganger in tiny dynamite jammer Rice Rocket, while the Honeys’ Lucille Brawl kept the home team blockers busy.

The Honeys weren’t afraid to risk penalties to keep the Dolls from scoring, and although their defensive strategies were quite different, both teams kept their opponents’ average points per jam to a minimum. The Double D’s had their fair share of penalties, but Jewels of Denile and Darling Nikki more than made up for the naughtiness with some high-scoring jams, most notably Nikki’s 11 point grand slam to end the second period.

As the third 20-minute period came to a close, neither side lost steam and they skated hard to the final whistle, resulting in a narrow 9-point victory for the Dairyland Dolls. This was a match that both teams will remember long after the bruises have faded, and Madison fans can be proud of their all-star team for once again proving their worth against one of the most experienced teams in the country.

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