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This post was originally featured at Derby News Network in December 2010.

Oh hello there. After an exceedingly dramatic conclusion to the WFTDA season, we’re happy to bring you the final DNN Power Rankings for 2010.

Accuracy Stats

First of all, as we mentioned last month, our usually-monthly release schedule got a little altered by the regional tournaments spanning half of September and half of October, so these rankings essentially cover everything from the weekend following South Central regionals to what we believe is the last game involving a Power Ranked team of the year (that is, 10/16 to 12/5).

After getting seriously shaken up during the West and South Central region tournament, the rankings pretty much held up for the rest of the year. In 18 games involving Power Ranked teams during the 10/16 to 12/5 stretch, there was only one upset when then #12 Texas defeated then #5 Bay Area in the opening match of Championships. That brings us to an overall total of 189 hits and 38 misses since we started the 2010 rankings, for an accuracy percentage of 83% on the year (a slight improvement on our 2009 record of 145-35 and 80% accuracy).

Post-Championships Changes

With only that one upset since the regional tournament cycle, the Power Rankings don’t change much in the final release of the year. 2010 champions Rocky Mountain validated their top spot they took over after Westerns by beating both Gotham and Oly on their way to the Hydra; Oly goes up one slot to #2 with a much stronger performance against Rocky Mountain than new #3 Gotham could muster. It marks the first time Gotham has appeared any lower than #2 in our unofficial rankings.

The only other significant change is the curious case of Bay Area, who catapulted from #15 to #5 from August to October on the strength of close victories over Denver, Rat City and Rose City — but then lost yet another close one to Texas at Championships. It’s very hard to determine which of those results are outliers, and we likely won’t get another look at those matchups for at least the next three months — so for now we’re going to go with the most recent results, leaving Bay Area dropping down to #12 below #11 Texas (with Texas still stuck behind #9 Windy City and #10 Kansas City due to head-to-head losses at the tail end of the season.)

That gives everybody else in the top-ten a one-spot boost, but there’s no movement below #12 this time out, as most teams packed it in for the year following their regional tournament. One notable exception is Naptown, who took over the #25 spot following the regionals cycle and successfully defended it twice against Maine and the Chicago Outfit.

On the Bubble

Mostly our bubble teams remain the same suspects from the post-regionals rankings — Tampa Bay, No Coast, Jet City, Brewcity and North Star — but they’re joined by Maine this month. The Port Authorities failed to make the cut for this year’s East Region tournament and didn’t really have much in the way of promising results in 2010 — until they came with just 4 points of taking out #25 Naptown in a 103-99 match in late October. (Notably, they’d lost by the exact same narrow margin and nearly the exact same score to Naptown in June at ECE, 100-96, making this an inter-region rivalry to watch.)

If you haven’t exhausted all your opinions for 2010, have at it over on the Power Rankings chart. Politely, civilly, etc.

Well, that was fun. Let’s do it it again next year, yes?

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