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The 2012 season is finally over and, as it seems like the world is not going to end today after all, we’ve decided it’s time to post the nomination thread for our fourth annual DNN Reader’s Choice Poll. (If you’re just joining us this year, check out the winners from 2009, 2010 and 2011.)

Note that this post is not the poll itself–that will be posted next week. This is the nomination thread. Please read this post carefully to help us with a smooth nomination process and to ensure the people you want to see nominated have the best possible chance of making it onto the list.

As ever, we here at DNN are nominating 5 nominees per category and throwing open the comment thread for You The Readers to nominate up to 5 more per category.

To officially make a nomination, please comment with the subject title “[CATEGORY]: [NOMINEE].” (Yes, smartasses, you’ll replace the words in brackets with a category and a nominee. So, for example, a nomination subject would look like “Rookie of the Year: Suzy Hotrod, Gotham” or “Best Rivalry: Oly vs Arizona.”)

These next two parts are really important to help us work through the data:
1) You can use the body of your comment to go into detail about why your nominee is awesome, but PLEASE only one nomination per comment. This is important because…

2) If somebody has already made a nomination that you agree with, please don’t duplicate the nomination further down the thread! Instead, click on the little up arrow (in the upper right hand corner of the comment) to upvote that comment. If you want to add some weight to what they’ve said, you can reply to their comment too–but don’t forget to upvote the original! (You will only see this arrow if you are logged into DNN. Don’t be shy, it takes like 20 seconds to create an account if you don’t already have one.)

To be clear: feel free to jibber jabber to your heart’s content about nominees in the thread, but please make sure you register your support for a given nominee by upvoting the first comment that officially nominates them. It will make our lives much easier when compiling the final list.

This week, we’ll look over the reader nominees and add up to 5 of them to each category. Voting will open on the poll on Thursday, December 27 and run to Thursday, January 3.

The categories this year are Most Valuable Jammer, Most Valuable Blocker, Best Double Threat, Rookie of the Year, Breakout Player, Bout of the Year, Best Announcer, Best Rivalry, Most Improved Team, Best Venue and Best Regular-Season Event.

As happened last year, Best Photo has been spun off into a separate contest on our sister site DerbyLife–check over here for details!

Breakout Player replaces the troublesome ‘Most Underrated’ category. This is for the skaters who are not rookies and have not been nominated elsewhere, but have stepped up their game significantly in 2012 to make a serious impact for a top-level team.

From the “Yes, we know” department: “Rookie of the Year” is a tricky concept, since almost all players on all-star teams have been playing for more than a year. For the purposes of this poll, a “rookie” is a skater who played her first sanctioned all-star game for a tournament-level team at some point after playoffs in 2011. We are quite aware that most of the players nominated were playing derby before 2012.

Finally, keep it positive, please. There are easily far more than 10 players / venues / bouts / events per category that could reasonably qualify for a nomination. We’re much more interested in hearing about why somebody deserves a nomination than why somebody else doesn’t.

Without further ado, the DNN nominations:

Most Valuable Jammer (Women’s)

Atomatrix (Oly)
Bonnie Thunders (Gotham)
Sandrine Rangeon (Denver)
V-Diva (Philly)
‘Snot Rocket Science (Steel City)

Most Valuable Blocker (Women’s)

belle RIGHT hooks (Bay Area)
Gotham’s Hive Mind (Gotham)
Hockey Honey (Oly)
Polly Gone (Texas)
Wild Cherri (Atlanta)

Best Double-Threat (Women’s)

Carmen Getsome (Rat City)
I.M. Pain (Charm City)
Jackie Daniels (Windy City)
Killbox (Texas)
Nock Nock (Bay Area)

Rookie of the Year (Women’s)

Fifi Nomenon (Angel City)
Flamin’ Aggro (London)
KonichiWOW (Windy City)
On Da Sligh (Oly)
Shaina Serelson (Denver)

Breakout Player of the Year (Women’s)

Lenore Gore (DC)
Merchant of Menace (Atlanta)
Sargentina (Windy City)
Shaolynn Scarlett (London)
Smarty Pants (Texas)

Bout of the Year (Women’s)

Berlin vs Stockholm (Track Queens: Battle Royal)
Denver v Bay Area (West Regionals Semifinal)
Denver v Oly (Western Regionals Final)
London vs Charm City (East Regionals 3rd Place)
Windy City v Minnesota (June)

Best Announcer

D’nouncer Duane
Rev Norb
Sweet Willy T-Bag
Val Capone

Best Rivalry

Angel / Wasatch
Arch Rival / Ohio
Bay Area / Rose City
Boston / Carolina
Windy City / Minnesota

Most Improved Team (Women’s)


Best Venue

Arena Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
Craneway Pavilion (Richmond, CA)
Pershing Center (Lincoln, NE)
Roy Wilkins Auditorium (St. Paul, MN)
1st Bank Arena (Broomfield, CO)

Best Regular-Season Event

Battle on the Bank
East Coast Extravaganza
Spring Roll
Track Queens: Battle Royal

Most Valuable Jammer (Men’s)

Frank Notsohotra (Your Mom)
Jeremy Strecker (Magic City)
Jonathan R (New York Shock Exchange)
No Big Deal (Mass Malestrom)
Speed Dealer (Puget Sound Outcast Derby)

Most Valuable Blocker (Men’s)

Abe Drinkin (New York)
Derek Calkins (Magic City Misfits)
Seahorses Forever (Your Mom)
Sugar Boots (Your Mom Men’s Derby)
Percy Controll (St. Louis GateKeepers)

Best Double-Threat (Men’s)

Bleed ‘Em & Reap (Portland Men’s Roller Derby)
Chuck Best (Magic City)
Jack Hamm’rd (Mass Malestrom)
Magnum P.I.M.P. (St. Louis)
Quadzilla (Puget Sound Outcast Derby)

Bout of the Year (Men’s)

Your Mom v St. Louis GateKeepers (MRDA Championship Bout)
Your Mom v New York Shock Exchange (Spring Roll)
New York Shock Exchange v Magic City (MRDA Championships 3rd place)
New York Shock Exchange v St. Louis GateKeepers (Spring Roll)
Southern Discomfort Roller Derby v Toulouse Quad Guards (Men’s European Roller Derby Championships)

[James Brains and Girl Fawkes also contributed content for this article, for which DNN is eternally grateful.]

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