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It’s that time again! Welcome to the nomination thread for our second annual DNN Reader’s Choice Poll.

Note that this post is not the poll itself. We’re doing things a little differently than last year so as to get a wider array of nominations. Each category this year will have up to 10 potential choices; we’re going to nominate 5 here in this post, and throw the comment thread open for y’all to nominate up to 5 more for each category. (This helps keep us from looking stupid and getting yelled at when we overlook somebody fairly obvious for a category, as we may or may not have done last year.)

This weekend, we’ll look over the reader nominees and add up to 5 of them to each category. Voting will open on the poll on Monday, December 20 and run to Monday, December 27, with the results posted on Wednesday, December 29.

The categories this year are Most Valuable Jammer, Most Valuable Blocker, Rookie of the Year, Most Underrated Player, Bout of the Year, Best Rivalry, Most Improved Team, Best Venue, Best Regular-Season Event, Best Announcer, Best Photo and Stupidest Controversy. (Heh heh. Just kidding about that last one.)

The Best Photo and Most Underrated Player categories work a little differently than the rest. For Best Photo, email nominations to photos@derbynewsnetwork.com with the subject title “Best Photo 2010 Nominee” (or something close enough that we know what you’re talking about.) Be sure to include the photographer’s name and email address with the submission. Deadline for photo submissions is Saturday, December 18th at 11:59pm. We’ll put up our 10 favorite in the poll. Most Underrated Player will be write-in only in the poll.

As last year, “Rookie Of The Year” is a tricky concept, since almost all players on all-star teams have been playing for more than a year. For the purposes of this poll, a “rookie” is a skater who played her first all-star game for a Power Ranked team in 2010.

Without further ado, the DNN nominations:

Most Valuable Jammer

Atomatrix (Oly)
Bonnie Thunders (Gotham)
Carmen Getsome (Rat City)
DeRanged (Rocky Mountain)
Kelley Young (Kansas City)

Most Valuable Blocker

Anya Heels (Rat City)
Bruz-Her (Kansas City)
Demanda Riot (Bay Area)
Joy Collision (Charm City)
Sassy (Oly)

Rookie of the Year

I.M. Pain (Charm City)
Jalepeno Business (Rat City)
Lil’ Paine (Boston)
Skittle (Brew City)
Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya (Rocky Mountain)

Bout of the Year

Rose City 133, Bay Area 129 (August, Hometown Throwdown)
Charm City 152, Boston 136 (August)
Bay Area 136, Denver 127 (Western Regionals)
Kansas City, 157, Texas 127 (South Central Regionals)
Rocky Mountain 147, Oly 146 (WFTDA Championships)

Best Rivalry

Charm City / Boston
Gotham / Philly
Rat City / Rose City
Rocky Mountain / Oly
Texas / Kansas City

Most Improved Team

Chicago Outfit
Rocky Mountain

Best Venue

Dorton Arena (Raleigh, NC)
Key Arena (Seattle, WA)
Roy Wilkins Auditorium (St. Paul, MN)
Sacramento Memorial Auditorium (Sacramento, CA)
UIC Pavilion (Chicago, IL)

Best Regular-Season Event

Wild West Showdown (February, Bremerton, WA)
East Coast Extravaganza (June, Feasterville, PA)
Battle on the Bank (June, Del Mar, CA)
Rollercon (July-August, Las Vegas, NV)
Hometown Throwdown (August, Portland, OR)

Best Announcer

D’Nouncer Duane Cunningham
Hymen Heaven
Jim “Koolaid” Jones
Val Capone

Offended or outraged at our inexcusable oversights of the richly deserving? Super! Add your own nominations in the comment thread.

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