DC Scare Force One 82, CCRG Speed Regime 39


The third bout of Charm City’s season-opening quadruple-header was the only bout in which the visiting team won, as DC local team Scare Force One ended the 30 minute bout with a 39-0 run over three jams to double up the home Speed Regime. This bout featured a debut from Speed Regime’s #80s Ferris Bruiser.

Speed Regime fired the first shot with a 3-0 jam from Tyrannosaurus Lex over Marion Barrycuda, followed by a 4-2 jam from Bambi’s Revenge over Lenore Gore. Scare Force, however, answered with a 22-0 run over the next 5 jams including a 12-0 jam by Lenore Gore as Soledad, Wham Slam Bambi, Anti Entity and Helena Handbag held Ferris Bruiser from even completing her initial pass. Speed Regime called a timeout and was able to halt DC’s momentum with a 9-0 jam from Crowella followed by a 3-1 jam from Bambi’s revenge to bring them within 5 points.

The next six jams would see the teams trading 4-0 jams, bringing the Speed Regime within 1 point every other jam.  Scare Force One was able to string a couple of small gains together to bring the score to 48-39 when a run of 4th minors against the Regime allowed Lenore Gore to pick up a 20-0 with Ferris Bruising ending the jam in the box as the jammer for Speed Regime.  DC’s Feral Streak added a 10-0 followed by a 4-0 by Marion Barrycuda to end the game 82-39 for Scare Force 1.

DC’s offensive leader was Lenore Gore with 45 points and a 4.71 jammer point differential per jam over 7 jams.  Their defense was led by Wham Slam Bambi who had a +4.91 blocker point differential per jam.

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