[DC]: Scare Force One 279, Majority Whips 23


WASHINGTON, DC — The first bout of the DC Rollergirls’ fifth home-season double-header pitted defending league champions Scare Force One against DCRG’s newest home team, the Majority Whips, who have already made their mark with several close matchups this season. In the teams’ last meeting in December, the Whips got served by the Fright Attendants, losing 161-43; this blowout ended up twice as big, with Scare Force holding the Whips to just 5 second-half points in a 279-23 rout.

Scare Force started off by fielding double-threat Soledad on the jammer line against the Whips’ Nasty Pelosi. While Nasty was stuck behind blockers Condoleezza Slice and Velocityraptor, Soledad quickly snagged lead jammer and completed three scoring passes before being boxed for a track-cutting penalty, allowing Nasty to score, ending the jam 14-2 Scare Force.

After some low-scoring jams, Nasty donned the star again and amassed 5 points to cut the lead to 16-8. The Whips managed to hang on for two more jams, closing in at 28-14, but Scare Force cracked the Whips for good in two high-scoring jams: a 12-0 for Marion Barrycuda, and a 20-0 for Feral Streak that ballooned Scare Force’s lead to 60-14. For the rest of the half, the Whips barely altered the scoreboard, even with co-captain Styx N Stones administering some hurtful hits that sent Fright Attendants flying and MVP Nellie Fly making herself a wily obstacle for opponents. Jammers Deadly Lamarr, Marion Barrycuda, and Soledad all boosted Scare Force’s lead to end the half at 116-18.

While the Whips had hoped for a strong second half, they got off to a rough start, with Nasty Pelosi watching from the penalty box as Sharp Shredder sliced her way through the pack to score 15 during the powerjam. The Whips’ struggles against penalties and the fearsome defense of Scare Force blockers Chinese Cheker, Condoleezza Slice, Soledad, and Velocityraptor would continue throughout the bout.

Shredder topped her previous scoring feat with 20 more, while Brutal Noodle converted some pastafarians during the day’s highest-scoring powerjam, a 25-pointer that sent Scare Force soaring to 209-18. The Whips would only score once during the entire half: After leaving the box following Noodle’s scoring spree, Slam Grier broke the slump with 5. But Scare Force wasn’t finished racking up the points: Marion Barrycuda’s teammates set her up for two more 15-pointers, while Scoriental Express chugged three times around the track for a matching 15. By the bout’s end, Scare Force was flying high, defeating the Whips 279-23.

Scare Force remained undefeated on the year with a record of 5-0; after opening their season with a 1 point win, the Whips have dropped 4 in a row for a 1-4 record. There’s one more game in the intraleague season for both — Scare Force plays the Cherry Blossom Bombshells on March 18 and the Whips play the DemonCats on April 14.

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