[DC]: Scare Force One 229, DC DemonCats 53


WASHINGTON, DC — In the second bout of the DC Rollergirls’ January 28 double-header, the DC DemonCats took on the yet-to-be-defeated Scare Force One. Though the DemonCats seemed to have the cheering crowd on their side, Scare Force managed to shut them down early to win the game 229-53.

The first jam saw tenacious Jersey Jill jamming for the ‘Cats, but double-threat Soledad gained lead jammer for Scare Force. Both helped keep the two-minute jam interesting: Soledad took a trip to the box for an illegal procedure, but Jill soon followed after cutting the track. The jam ended with a 9-3 win in favor of Scare Force. They continued to keep the DemonCats’ score low for much of the first period with hard-hitting defense lead by Velocityraptor, Condoleezza Slice and Soledad, while their deep rotation of jammers ran up the score to 70-11.

With 10 minutes left in the half, jammer Nina Ninja, a recent transfer to the DemonCats, started a small but mighty scoring streak by fighting through the pack and gaining 3 points, only to be taken down by rookie Fly by Night. Jersey Jill followed, taking advantage of Scare Force jammer Witchcrafty’s skate malfunction to pull another 12 points. Scare Force One rookie jammer Sharp Shredder glided effortlessly through the pack in the next jam, but ended up in the penalty box, opening the door for the DemonCats’ Mini Vandal to score another 5 points in a powerjam.

Up 70-31 and determined to maintain their impenetrable lead, Scare Force One called a timeout and came back to virtually end the ‘Cats’ progression. Collectively, Marion Barrycuda and Brutal Noodle swiftly gained an impressive 35 points in the last two jams to end the half at 109-35.

The second half of the bout was rough for the DemonCats, as they sent out Jersey Jill and Mini Vandal in heavy rotation. Beginning with Soledad on the jammer line, Scare Force held the ‘Cats for the first three jams and steadily increased their lead, while Jill was only able to answer with 2 points in the fourth jam.

With 15 minutes left in the half, a well-rested Lenore Gore adeptly worked her way through the pack five times, bringing the score to 190-42. The next jam saw the DemonCats’ Lady Burn Johnson take down Scare Force jammer Sharp Shredder with a hard hit, forcing her to call off the jam, but not before bringing the score to 199-42.

In the final jam of the evening, Scare Force had several blockers in the box, and the DemonCats brought out a solid lineup, including the tireless Rachel MadHo, Bad Asset and Ms. Judgment. However, despite the DemonCats’ ability to hold up jammer Sharp Shredder each time she came through the pack during her powerjam, she still scored an additional 9 points to bring the final score to 229-53, leaving the DemonCats with a 0-4 record and ensuring the 4-0 Scare Force One a spot in this year’s home-team championship.

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