[DC] Scare Force One 156, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 97


WASHINGTON, DC — The fourth bout of the DC Rollergirls’ home season pitted the 2-0 Scare Force One against the 0-2 Cherry Blossom Bombshells, and though the Bombshells stayed in the game into the second half, the results reflected the standings — SF1 remained undefeated and the Bombshells remained winless on a final score of 156-97.

As the bout opened, it was all about incremental gains. Scare Force One built a comfortable early lead with several hit-and-quit jams, but about 10 minutes into the first half, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells’ back-wall strategy started to pay off. They were able to hold the Fright Attendants scoreless for three jams in a row; on the third, Bombshell jammer Yankee Scandal capitalized on a powerjam opportunity to bring her team within 15 points of the lead at 25-10.

After a timeout, Scare Force answered with several more low-scoring jams that widened the gap yet again. Just before halftime, the score stood at 58-21 when a track-cut call on Scare Force jammer Brutal Noodle gave the Bombshells a golden opportunity to make up some points—and they did just that, with the Bombshell blockers setting up an effective trap in the back of the pack that freed jammer Yankee Scandal to rack up a double grand slam. At the half, Scare Force’s lead was sizeable but by no means definitive at 62-31.

But the second half found the Bombshells in immediate penalty trouble. With two blockers in the box, they were unable to stop Scare Force jammer Feral Streak from going on a 13-point scoring spree, bringing the total to 84-37, before being sent to the box herself. Scare Force’s effective penalty-killing, however, kept the Bombshells from answering Streak’s impressive run. They got that chance in the next jam, though, when Streak was sent to the box again, allowing Yankee Scandal to rack up 7 points and setting up veteran jammer Lucky Penny to start the next jam unopposed. A coordinated Bombshell offense netted her a 15-0 jam, bringing the lead within reach again at 84-59.

The score stayed nearly static for the next few jams, but the Bombshells’ luck was about to run out. A rash of penalties on their jammers gave Scare Force a chance to prove their superiority at maximizing powerjam opportunities, and they added almost 30 points to their total in the next few jams, blowing the lead wide open at 124-70. Although the Bombshell defense rallied and Yankee Scandal was able to pull off another 15-0 powerjam, it wasn’t enough to dent Scare Force’s lead (especially when Scare Force jammer Marion Barrycuda answered with a 15-0 powerjam of her own).

The 0-3 Bombshells will vie for their last shot at a championship berth in three weeks, when they play the 1-1 DemonCats on February 5.

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