DC Rollergirls preview teams on tap for early 2017 schedule

The DC Rollergirls’ 2017 season is getting underway, and the home games are going to look a little different from recent seasons.

Fans who have attended previous games have watched as the league’s skaters faced off on four traditional home teams — Scare Force One, the Majority Whips, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, and the DC DemonCats — in a series of bouts that crowned a season champion.

This season’s home games instead will focus on highlighting the DCRG teams that compete against roller derby organizations across the country. The DC All-Stars, which features the league’s top skaters, and the National Maulers, the B-level team, will be heading to the Chicago area and Rhode Island later this spring.

But before doing so, both teams will make their season debut at home. The Maulers will be featured at the February 25 bout at the DC Armory, and the All-Stars will be the main event at the March 25 game at Capitol Clubhouse in Waldorf, Md., where the league’s C-team — the Capitol Offenders, which features some of the newest up-and-coming skaters – also will compete that day.

Instead of choosing sides between their favorite DCRG skaters, who previously battled against each other, fans will be able to unite in cheering for the local team as they take on skaters from elsewhere. Bring your DC flags, and shout with us as the team cheers: “Three stars, two bars … one heart!”

So what about the traditional DCRG teams that fans have cheered for in the past?

Don’t toss out those Scare Force or DemonCat t-shirts. The traditional teams still will be visible on the track this season, starting with DCRG’s February bout. Skaters will don the colors of two of those teams in a short expo match before the main event, giving fans another chance to show support for their favorite DCRG teams of past seasons. (And t-shirts are still available for all four home teams if fans never picked one up or need a replacement!)

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