[DC]: Cherry Blossom Bombshells 110, Majority Whips 94


WASHINGTON, DC — In the first bout of the DC Rollergirls’ home-team double-header on January 28, the Cherry Blossom Bombshells (2-1) were pitted a second time against DCRG’s newest team, the Majority Whips (1-2). In the teams’ first matchup in November, heavy hitting and a rash of Whip penalties helped the Bombshells prevail 185-96, but this time around things would come down to the last jam before the Bombshells came away with a 110-94 victory.

This time, the Whips struck first: Dual Hitizen (Team France’s captain in the Roller Derby World Cup) eked out 4 points against veteran Bombshell jammer Yankee Scandal. The next few jams were Bombshells away: Lucky Penny and Ridin’ Dirty each scored 3, followed by Yankee Scandal in a jammer-on-jammer duel with Dual Hitizen. Behind the impenetrable Bombshell defense of Guantanamo Babe and Nubian Nemesis, Scandal was able to score three grand slams to bring the score to 21-4.

The Whips quickly regrouped and effectively prevented further Bombshell blossoming, bring the score to 25-8 10 minutes in. A series of hit-and-quit trips traded between Bombshells Yankee Scandal and Lucky Penny and Whips Dual Hitizen and Fierce Compredator made it 34-16 around the 15-minute mark.

Go-to jammers Penny and Scandal kept the points coming for the Bombshells, aided by hard hitting by Artemis Conduct, while the Whips added some new faces to the scoring column: Nasty Pelosi earned 5 in a powerjam against Yankee Scandal, while Slam Grier scored 5 of her own right before halftime, thanks to a great assist by teammate Spank Erin, to make the score 65-30 in favor of the Bombshells.

The second half initially looked to be more of the same: In the third jam, Lucky Penny capitalized on several Whips in the box, banking 20 points to run up the score to 87-30. But the Whips quickly made things more interesting by scoring in the next seven jams, aided by a penalty box blooming with Bombshells—at one point, Scarlet O’Snap was the only Bombshell blocker on the track.

Captain Lois Slain joined the Whips’ jammer rotation, scoring in three different jams, with teammates Dual Hitizen and Fierce Compredator also contributing twice each, ending the seven-jam run at 94-73. During a neck-and-neck jammer battle between Yankee Scandal and Jackie Mae Day, confusion about lead jammer status earned Mae Day an illegal procedure penalty, ending the Bombshell drought at 98-73.

With 10 minutes left, Whip Dual Hitizen kept Lucky Penny from crossing the century mark, scoring 4 to make it 98-77. The Bombshells controlled the Whips for three jams, increasing their lead to 105-81 with only Slam Grier scoring for the Whips. But a well-timed powerjam gave Fierce Compredator 8 more points for the Whips, narrowing the margin to 105-89.

With just over two minutes remaining, Dual Hitizen made it a nail-biter by cutting the lead to 11, at 105-94 in favor of the Bombshells.  Winning lead on the last jam was the key to victory: Yankee Scandal melted the Whips’ hopes by outracing Lois Slain, scoring five to seal the victory for the Cherry Blossom Bombshells with a score of 110-94. The score gave the Bombshells their third win in a row, bringing their record to 3-1 and putting them on the path to face off for the season championship in May.

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