D2KW: Berlin Halts Demolition City, 180-177


KITCHENER-WATERLOO, ON–In a closely contested meeting between Berlin and Demolition City, it became a game of power jams and power struggles as Berlin started slowly but went on an 81-5 run until the end of the first half to take the lead 100-59.

The Bombshells kept their lead for the start of the second half, but more power jams gave Demolition City a major come back and with 1:11 left on the clock, it was a one point game. After two more jams, Master Blaster clinched the final points and Berlin provided the first win and upset of the weekend, 180-177.

Some back and forth power jams at the beginning didn’t really yield much for either team with strong defense on both sides. More points were scored in the following jam while Demolition’s strong defense held Berlin’s jammer while they put up multiple grand slams.

Master Blaster quickly became the MVP for Berlin as she was the main jammer to put up points–and when she wasn’t jamming, she was pivoting and ready to take the star. On the Demolition side, Stepheree was their main, lethal blocker who also took the star a few times. Berlin’s Bee Fattal spent most of the first ten minutes in the box as she picked up five penalties, and went into the half with six.

With the score at 31-9 and about a quarter of the first half left, Berlin had the pack advantage 4-2 and put Master Blaster on the jam line. At this point most of the scoring had been grand slams for Demolition, but Master put up two of her own and forced them to pass the star. The point scoring stopped for a few minutes as Doro picked up back to back cuts and allowed Demo to push the lead 46-19. Both teams continued the trend of passing the star to end point scoring, as we saw last weekend in Duluth.

Berlin called a timeout to try and stop Demolition’s momentum, and likely for a rest as well, seeing as they were only skating with 11. After the power jams settled down, both teams seemed equally matched with a few 0-0 jams.

Two power jams for Berlin quickly lead to a lead change, 57-54. Their defense seemed to come together more and more as they held Demolition jammers and forced penalties on them. Emmazon was a strong force in their short lineup.

After four power jams and 81 points, Berlin went into the half on top, 100-59. They held this cushion for most of the second half, but Master Blaster also continued to be their main point scorer. Kozmic Bruise struggled to stay out of the box and let Demolition start to tighten the score. Blaster continued to push their lead to 148-93, when a 25-point jam by GODJILLA and 12 more by Stepheree put Demolition City right back in the game. Sprintin Tarentino fouled out of the game after putting up 33 game points on the board for Demolition, but it didn’t slow their point scoring.

With a few minutes left on the clock, Berlin handed Demolition a power jam as Kozmic Bruise landed in the box with a back block. Hurtz Donut who had struggled a bit in the pack earlier in the game, scored 23 of her 56 points to bring them within one point, 176-175 and 1:11 left on the clock. Stepheree and Master Blaster, likely the most effective and versatile skater for each team, took the star in the last two jams. Stepheree snagged a quick lead and two points to put them up one and the clock stopped with 31 seconds left. Lickety-Splint fouled out–the second skater to do so for Demolition and the third in this game.

Both teams’ defense tightened up for the last jam and after a few run backs Master Blaster finally got out with lead while Berlin worked over Stepheree. Blaster picked up her four points, as the clock ran out, and Stepheree went out for a penalty, sealing their win, 180-177.

Berlin proceed for a rematch with DC Rollergirls–with the teams’ all-time series tied at 1-1–at 4pm EDT. Demolition City will open things up at 10am tomorrow in the consolation bracket.

Demolition City Jammers Jams Lead Points Berlin Jammers Jams Lead Points
Hurtz Donut (0) 6 2 56 Master Blaster (2) 18 12 129
GODJILLA (82) 9 6 54 Donner Doro (22) 10 5 34
Sprintin Tarantino (51) 12 5 33 Kozmic Bruise (B612) 8 1 12
Stepheree (81) 9 5 17 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez (247) 1 0 5
Shelby N. Pain (75) 1 0 9        

Full bout stats available from Rinxter.

Demolition City

#0 Hurtz Donut // #00 B Dawn Kadonk // #21 Coco Cream-Ahoe // #22 Bangs Mccoy // #25 Lickety-Splint // #38 Hell Kat // #44 Steel Stiches // #51 Sprintin Tarantino // #71 Ima Hokiller // #75 Shelby N. Pain (Captain) // #81 Stepheree // #82 Godjilla // #911 4-Alarm Felon // #N0H8 Flex A. Belle

Bear City

#109 Emmazon // #12 Paulina Pocket // #2 Master Blaster // #22 Donner Doro // #247 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez // #42 Lizzy Slaughter // #505 Heavy Rotation (Captain) // #67 Karo’Bolage // #79 Bee Fattal // #B612 Kozmic Bruise // #79 FoXy Führer

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