D2K: Sac City Sails Past Paper Valley, 306-104


KALAMAZOO, MI: The fifth game of the opening day of Kalamazoo’s WFTDA Division 2 tournament had a tough act to follow. The preceding games went to overtime after an official review, and ended amidst chaos and controversy. This one was never going to live up to those heights; the fact it was a formality whose result was never in doubt may well have come to a relief for those fans looking to come down a little after the heart-stopping end to Tri-City’s near-upset of Santa Cruz. Sac City finished comformatable 306-104 winners over Paper Valley, and proceed to the semifinals tomorrow.

The game was 15 minutes old when Paper Valley got their first lead call–but Sac City had already put 100 points on the board after a rash of penalties blighted the opening quarter for the Wisconsin team.

The lead held around 100 for five minutes as a brief rally for Paper Valley as they got penalties under control–but it was only a brief respite, and the half ended with Sac City holding a 173-65 lead.

The teams traded powerjams in teh opening minutes of the second half as Sac City passed 200, and they moved into a 202-80 lead. The lead slowly crept past 150 and towards 200.

Paper Valley hit 100 with just over two minutes to go; seconds later Sac City passed 300, and the bout ran to its natural conclusion with Sac City finishing 306-104 winners.

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