D2K: Paper Valley Folds Suburbia, 308-107


KALAMAZOO, MI–In the second bout of the day, Paper Valley Roller Girls handled an outmatched Suburbia Roller Derby from the first whistle and never took their foot off the gas. The bout opened with a 52-0 run from Paper Valley as three jammer box trips hobbled Suburbia’s jammers Lauren Forcer and Charlotte Bupowski before the latter could put up Suburbia’s first point in jam 6, bringing the score to 79-1.

Paper Valley extended its lead to 128-13 in Jam 16, and Charlotte Bupowski began Jam 17 in the box, but the tide turned as T-Racer was boxed and Bupowski streaked onto the track and started scoring, with a fancy spin move through the wall on her third scoring pass, calling the jam at 128-36. In the very next jam, Suburbia Captain Little Loca cut the track, then picked up an illegal procedure for failing to return behind the pack, letting Chop Stickya run up the score to 174-36.

As the half ran down, Suburbia tightened its defense, creating stronger walls and ending the half 177-40.

Suburbia must have had an inspiring halftime talk, as Charlotte Bupowski opened the half with lead and a quick four points, then Lauren Forcer grabbed lead in the next jam. The two teams traded jams more evenly than they had in the first half. But in Jam 6 of the half, Suburbia started with two blockers in the box, and jammer Reading Rambo soon followed. Suburbia waterfalled to the box for the next few jams, with Paper Valley exhibiting superior pack control, and better able to use pack definition to get their jammers out and keep the Suburbia jammers where they wanted them.

By Jam 13 of the half, Paper Valley seemed to be conscious of the clock, working to run down the time whenever they could safely do it without risking points.

In Jam 16, Suburbia captain Little Loca fouled out but in the following jam, Lauren Forcer picked up lead before being recycled back into the pack. Smashing Pumpkin did a good job of holding the Paper Valley jammer in the pack for a while, but that didn’t stop her from nabbing two points before Lauren Forcer could call it, bringing the score to 262-64.

Several jams later, a cut sent Kat Von Devious to the box, giving Nail Diamond a chance to pick up lead and start scoring. Paper Valley lost several blockers to the box, and great offense from Reading Rambo helped Diamond through on her next scoring pass. Nail kept scoring as Kat Von Devious returned to the track and began pushing forward, but she went right back to the box, where she ended the jam. This jam closed the gap further to 270-88 with 4 minutes on the clock.

Bupowski was unopposed as she lined up behind a micropack of two skaters from each team, and she picked up lead before hitting the pivot line. She zipped through for multiple scoring passes, finally breaking the century mark for Suburbia before picking up a track cut penalty just after Kat Von Devious had returned to the track. The jam ended with the score at 285-107, and the final jam began with less than 2 minutes on the period clock. Pissy Pistol grabbed a fast lead and concluded the bout 308-107.

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