D2K: Killamazoo Survives Queen City, 214-194


KALAMAZOO, MI–The biggest and most raucous crowd of Division 2 playoffs so far roared in the start of the final bout of day one in Kalamazoo. The match looked safe for the home team through the first period as Queen City suffered penalty trouble–but the situation reversed in the second half as Killamazoo gave up key power jams and frequently found themselves fielding just a couple of blockers. Consequently, their lead looked shaky through much of the period but in the end, they were able to play the clock and keep their jammers on the track to eke out a 20-point win, 214-194.

The home team drew first blood in jam two and extended the margin in jam three, moving into an early 8-3 lead over Queen City’s Lake Effect Furies.
In jam 10 the teams started two points apart–but Abercrombie and Fists got into an out-of-play tussle with Ramona D Flowers that saw both blocker and jammer boxed. That let Jessie Girl in for a big powerjam as she made it 46-19 with 18:30 on the clock.

Heckler took advantage of a power jam start to put up 15 as Abercrombie was held by Lily St Smear marshalling the K-zoo pack. Abercrombie hit the box again and ratcheted up the volume in the venue a notch.

Alykate Contusions slipped through the Lake Effect Furies’ wall repeatedly as she used up some power jam time–but called it after being nudged out to give Doobie Trap an unopposed start rather than burn time running back.

But Doobie back-blocked right off the line as Fists was released–who called it shortly after getting lead to let Pepper Stix take on the powerjam and get herself off the track.
Ramona and Terrorhawk teamed up to control Stix and kill most the penalty in one jam–and Javelin laid a huge hit on LiBRAWLian to give Doobie a quick lead. Jammer musical chairs followed as both blockers picked up impact penalties. Javelin again punished LiBRAWLian for trying to sneak around her–and LiBRAWLian then got a cut to finish the jam in the box as Doobie got her final five at the whistles to give Killamazoo a 94-23 lead with 11:23 left.

Killamazoo had passed 100 by the time LiBRAWLian got out with The Heckler scoring–but LiBRAWLian did steal a point at the death. Killamazoo’s blockers filled the box next time out when Allykate was boxed, but pack speeds stayed up and the damage was limited.

The next jam started with three blockers in total on the track but no change to the score was effected. A 4-4 jam followed as blockers returned to the track on both sides.
But Neva forced a cut on Stix in the final five minutes of the half and Kalamazoo’s lead passed 90. Queen City did close out the half with consecutive lead calls–and LiBRAWLian closed out the half with an apex jump to steal four points to leave her team trailing 140-55.

The second period started on exactly the same note–LiBRAWLian took the star and added a quick 4-0. A run of blocker penalties on Killamazoo saw Queen City take lead jammer status in two of the first three jams–and they got a big opportunity in jam four when the Killamazoo jammer cut her way to the box on her initial pass.

Heavy defense from Neva and friends forced the call after a single scoring pass and Queen City sent out LiBRAWLian to finish out the power jam. She added 10 before Doobie Trap returned to play and another 5 as Day Tripper and Rockickass stifled Doobie on her initial pass; that made it 143-87 in Killamazoo’s favour with 23 to play.

Jessie Girl equalized that 15-0 in the very next jam, though, with a series of natural grand slams. Another jammer penalty on Killamazoo’s Heckler let Queen City break the century mark at 158-107 trailing with 20 minutes remaining in the game.

The penalties seemed to flip a few minutes later, though; where Killamazoo had consistently suffered a pack disadvantage–which had shown on the scoreboard, too–halfway through the second period it was Queen City’s turn to fill the box. A messy jam saw the pack dwindle to 2-1 in Queen City’s favour and left the margin 50 points, with Killamazoo leading 169-119. At that point, Ivana LeiHerOut fouled out of the match.

Five minutes later the margin was still 50 points and Queen City found themselves with a 3-1 pack advantage–and then a power jam as Heckler cut her way to the box. Working with that 3-1 and then 4-2 pack advantage, Queen City put up 24 points to make it 185-55 with 10 to go. Killamazoo then lost their captain, Killamity Cate, to a foul-out, along with Javelin who’d picked up her sixth and seventh penalties during that jam.

Queen City got the margin down to 25 points with 5 minutes left but at that point Killamazoo seemed content to run out the clock, especially as they continued to suffer blocker penalties. The visiting side called their last time-out with 90 seconds left to play as they trailed by 22, 213-191. LiBRAWLian picked up lead jammer status for Queen City and made her first scoring pass as Ramona D Flowers ploughed her into the suicide seats, calling it off with 55 seconds to play. Just 20 points separated the teams then, but it was all over when Heckler picked up lead jammer status and waited out the period clock to secure the win, 214-94.

With that victory, Killamazoo progress to take on Sac City tomorrow; Queen City will meet Burning River.

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