D2K 9th: Queen City Buffaloes Suburbia, 233-221


KALAMAZOO, MI–While New York’s premiere team may be hot favourites for The Hydra this year, the two New York teams in the second Division 2 tournament found themselves opening the final fay fighting to avoid the wooden spoon and take their first wins of the weekend.

A 4-3 opening jam set the tone for a scrappy affair that was dominated by jammer penalty swings. Suburbia led for big chunks of the game but ran into penalty trouble late on. A jammer penalty for Queen City inside the final two minutes gave Suburbia hope at the end… but Queen City took ninth place with a 233-221 win.

Abercrombie and Fists blackblocked her way to the box before she’d even got half way to the pivot line in jam three to give Suburbia their first lead with five minutes gone.

Reading Rambo backblocked her way to the box two later to let Low Hits Griffin in to effect a lead change–but she cut her want to the box with Queen City leading 27-18.

Bikini Whacks was next to visit the box in the very next jam when an attempted apex jump saw her catch the leg of a Suburbia blocker, and take them down to receive a low block penalty. Suburbia’s Lauren Forcer added a 20-0 powerjam to leave them leading 38-28 with ten minutes gone.

Next jam LiBRAWLian was the recipient of a backblock call–but before AWOL could capitalise, she got a backblock call of her own to make it six jammer penalties inside four jams. Jam nine did not feautre a jammer penalty–and Queen City got the better of it 4-3, despite losing out on lead jammer.

Brawl and Fists restored the Queen City lead as the jammer penalties subsided for a few jams with Pepper Stix starring in the Queen City pack. But the run came to an end when Bikini hit the box on a cut and Rambo restored the Suburbia lead, 69-57.

Jammer penalties dogged both teams as the half continued as it began. The Suburbia lead ebbed and flowed with the run of jammer penalties until Brawl showed some fine slaloms and spins for a rare 4-0 jam to give Queen City a 107-105 lead with under two mintues left in the period. Charlotte Bupowski made it a one-point game as Mexicali Bruise preserved the Queen City lead with a sharp hipcheck.

Brawl looked to be closing the half out for the team from Buffalo on a high with a natural grand slam–but was boxed on a cut as the period clock expired going for her second. Lauren Forcer then only had one blocker to beat as the jam ran down– and Suburbia finished the period leading 116-112.

Lauren Forcer had lead within 5 seconds of the resumption and five points within 20 seconds–and was on another powerjam within seconds of that pass when Brawl backblocked her way right back to the box.

Lauren called it just in time as Malcom Sex went apoplectic on the Suburbia bench to freeze Brawl and give Bupowski an unopposed start. Once the powerjam was done Suburbia’s razor-thin half-time lead was 143-114.

A late hit for Brawl was then spotted by Malcom Sex at the end of that jam–the no-call was challenged and overturned, and she was boxed during an OTO. Little Loca added 10 to the lead as the powerjam expired, and the lead was 39.

Three jammer penalties inside the first minute of the next jam favoured Rambo; she made the lead 50 as Griffin watched. Brawl then single-handedly halved the lead across a couple of jams but Buposki hit-and-quit the next jam to half Queen City’s momentum.

Brawl came back two jams later though as Rambo was brutalised by Ivana LeiHerOut and Head Huntress as Suburbia queued for the box. She restored the Queen City lead 182-176–but got boxed on a cut going for an apex jump on scoring pass number six with seconds left in the jam. That jam ended with points for Rambo as time expired–and Queen City led 187-181 with 11:09 to go.

Bupowski restored the lead with 15 unopposed points–but Enforcer hit the box on a cut and Fists made it a one-point game, 198-197 with 7:22 left. Queen CIty’s Day TripHer fouled out, but Brawl then took the lead for Queen City as they ran out the powerjam.

Griffin extended the lead as Suburbia struggled to pass 200 as the final five started. Their job got harder as AWOL fouled out, and even harder as Brawl put up another big jam to make the Queen City lead 35 with three minutes left.

Little Loca put up 3 to leave Suburbia 233-201 at the two-minute warning. Brawl backblocked her way to the box in the opening seconds of the next jam to make the end very interesting.

Lauren Forcer made the gap 11 before calling it with 32 seconds on the clock–but Brawl was free for the final jam. Brawl lined up for the final jam with a 3:1 pack disadvantage. Bupowski nearly to get lead as she threw her hips around the final Queen City blocker–but fell as she was doing it to let Brawl in for lead. Brawl closed out the final seconds without further incident–and Queen City took ninth place 233-221.

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