D2K 3rd: Killamazoo Rebuffs NEO, 250-219


KALAMAZOO, MI–As the only tournament hosts playing in their own tournament, the 3-seeded Killamazoo Derby Darlins had a lot to prove going into this weekend–and found themselves fighting to maintain their seeding against 5-seed NEO in Sunday’s third-place game. NEO looked set to mount a comeback late in the game but fell just short, and Killamazoo took the win 250-219.

NEO established an early lead, making it 28-10 in the first 7 minutes before Alykate Contusions took advantage of a power jam and a 4-1 pack advantage to tie it up–and then take the lead, 33-32 with eight minutes gone. They were able to stretch that further as Jessie Girl ran for points while Javelin stalled the NEO jammer near-singlehanded, pushing it to 62-33.

Another power jam next time out let Heckler put up 15 over a boxed Hummuscide. Alykate Contusions added 5 before Hummuscide returned to play–but an official time-out followed and at its conclusion, Alykate found herself boxed for a track cut uncalled in the previous jam.

Mary Kaos struggled on her initial pass with a 4-2 pack disadvantage, but by the time she approached to score, the pack situation had flipped. Alykate returned to play only to plough into the pack and pick up a back block call. At the end of that jam, the score stood at 82-58 in Killamazoo’s favour with 14 minutes left in the period.

NEO got still closer over the next couple jams as Killamazoo continued to experience penalty trouble–but Jessie Girl broke the drought and made it 99-77 on a power jam before picking up a track cut of her own after Mary Kaos returned to play. Hummuscide put NEO within three points on that power jam at the eight minute mark, 99-96–and tied it up at 104-all two jams later.

At that point, though, Killamazoo looked to reestablish their lead going into halftime; with three minutes to go, Doobie Trap ran for 13-0 over a boxed Twin Pistol. Jessie Girl finished the power jam out to make it 141-106 with only a minute left in the period. A 4-2 pack advantage in the final jam let Killamazoo close out the period with a 155-110 lead.

Five minutes into the second half NEO found themselves in serious penalty trouble, fielding just two blockers and losing jammer Hummuscide, too–despite heavy defence from Wes Craven Brains, Doobie Trap stretched the margin to 188-114.

But shortly thereafter it was NEO’s turn, with Professor Booty taking the star for the first time as Doobie Trap landed in the box–alongside a pair of her blockers. That made it 195-142 with 20 minutes left in the game–but Jessie Girl pushed Killamazoo past the double century in the very next jam after a forearm penalty on Twin Pistol. Despite a 3-2 pack advantage, she made it 205-147.

With just under 17 minutes left to play, Alykate Contusions fouled out–and Killamazoo used their official review to get the NEO jammer Hummuscide boxed. The power jam lasted less than 30 seconds, though, as Doobie Trap landed in the box herself and the jam went 9-0 in NEO’s favour.

Mary Kaos put NEO within a single big jam’s reach at 205-177 as Sicilian Slicer repeatedly recycled Jessie Girl while Mary put up 18 unanswered points. Smart jammer defense from Heckler burnt some critical penalty time as she put Twin Pistol on a negative lap and added 4-0. An injury to Wes Craven Brain stopped the clock with 11 minutes left to play and Killamazoo leading 209-177. Ramona D Flowers spent the last half of the 5-minute time out leading the local cheering section as she waited on the track, pumping her fists as they yelled.

Killamazoo added 23 points over the next couple of jams but with six minutes left, Heartless Hottie landed in the box on a forearm, handing Hummuscide a power jam–and she brought NEO’s score to 205 before calling off the jam with Heartless standing in the box.

Mary Kaos was already scoring before heavy defense from Finnish-HER and Ivanna Destroya forced Heartless to pass the star to Neva Soba–but she was held to just a single pass, making it 232-210 with under three minutes to play.

NEO’s hopes of a comeback seemed dashed, though, when a 4-2 pack advantage gave Doobie Trap a quick lead jammer call–and a string of natural grand slams as Neva and Crashive Aggressive held Mary Kaos. Hope surged again as Doobie landed in the box–but Mary followed seconds later. The full-length jam ended with 3 seconds left on the period clock and Killamazoo holding a 250-219 lead–and NEO called their official review to secure an extra jam as Killamazoo’s Javelin fouled out. The Heckler picked up lead jammer status as the period clock expired and immediately called off the jam to secure the win, 250-219.

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