D2DM: Treasure Valley Storms Omaha, 222-93


DES MOINES, IA–Raggedy Ann-ilihation from Treasure Valley was circumspect about her team’s achievements in their generally expected 222-93 WFTDA upset win over a “gracious” Omaha side. “Our goal was to go out as a team and play together and I feel like we achieved that.” Chants of “One Team! One Goal!” from the Treasure Valley bench before the bout set the tone as the Boise team worked well together, showing off the communication and pack awareness that has brought them significant success already this year and left them many people’s favourites after bracket-busting wins on the opening day of the first-ever Division 2 playoff.

Omaha got on the board first with points in the first two jams, but Treasure Valley quickly got their act together and went on 63-0 run across 12 jams before a solitary Omaha point broke the drought, shortly after a 12-minute time-out when Whip Jagger went down hard. She returned to the venue later on in high spirits but with both legs braced, with tears diagnosed in both of her medial collateral ligaments.

Top Jammers

Skater: Jams / Lead / Points


Midlife Crashes: 13 / 6 / 34
Rady Ruck 14 / 7 / 34
Mae Kit Rain 11 / 5 / 22
Skateaway Faye 7 / 2 /3

Treasure Valley

Demolition Barbie 15 / 7 / 93
Dawn of the Shred 14 / 9 / 86
Udaho 17 / 6 / 43

Bout stats courtesy of WFTDA.

A rare jammer penalty for Treasure Valley saw Udaho boxed, giving Mae Kit Rain respite from some serious punishment in the pack to more than double her team’s total and bring the score to 77-17. Rady Ruck added another 9 to finish off the power jam. Their momentum stalled for a jam or two before Omaha took a time-out to regroup and plan their assault on the rest of the half–but throughout Treasure Valley remained on the track, as they had been through anthems, time-outs and between jams, constantly raring to go.

Udaho and Demolition Barbie punished Rain for another cut to push TVR into a 26-103 lead with under dive minutes left ’til halftime. Those final five were quite event, and TVR ended with a 116-35 interval lead.

Treasure Valley cracked open the second half with a 20 point jam by Udaho as the relentless TVR pack held, battered and recycled a tiring Mae Kit Rain. They kept their scoring run up for another four jams until Udaho and Barbie hit the box in quick succession with the star, letting Midlife Crashes and Ruck nibble into the TVR lead.

Omaha did get a good run of lead jammer calls in the final jams but they keep getting forced into calls after a handful of points. Duelling powerjams at the death favoured TVR–with a few points put up courtesy of a highlight-reel apex jump from Barbie that made the TVR lead 204-78 with 2:30 left on the clock.

Jammer musical chairs followed in the final minutes too–and the final score was 222-93 to Treasure Valley, who progress to play Brewcity in the final quarterfinal.

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