D1S 3rd: (3) Rat City Bankrupts (4) Detroit, 254-129


SALEM, OR–Rat City (#3) took to the track against (#4) Detroit in the 3rd place playoff at Salem, with both teams hungry to take the win and head to Championships in Milwaukee next month. While the fast-paced, hard-hitting game was a crowd favorite, it was clear from the start that Rat City had what it took to get to Champs and the skaters from Seattle slowly chipped away at the clock, eventually winning 254-129.

In the first jam Rat City’s Luna Negra took the line against Detroit’s Ally Sin Shoverland. Ally Sin decided that one point was enough for her and called it off; 1-0 to Detroit.

Rat City took their first lead jammer of the game two jams later as Luna Negra sped through, but Racer McChaseHer performed a beautiful take down and the jam was called 0-0.
Ally Sin Shoverland’s next jam clocked up a few more points for Detroit next, bringing the score to 7-0 to Detroit with 24:38 to go. Jukestapose from Rat responded by getting lead, but as she approached to score, Glitter, Beezy, Carmen and Yoko forced a track cut by Feta Sleeze and Rat had their first power jam of the day. Rat City chose active offense to get Juke through, and Juke caused two more blocker penalties before the jam was over. Meanwhile, Bruisie Siouxxx for Detroit was sent to the box for two minutes.

Sintripedal Force took the line next and managed a grand slam before Feta Sleeze got out. Rat City chose to allow Detroit to score – a risky move but Sintripedal was able to rack up a few more passes before the jam’s natural conclusion. The score with 20:48 in the half sat at 52-18.

Boo D. Livers from Detroit was the only blocker on the track when Luna Negra snatched lead. Ally Sin Shoverland was once again allowed to score by Rat City, but was held up in the pack by Glitter, Shorty Ounce and Carmen Getsome; who didn’t jam in this game but donned the pivot as a back up. A beautiful jam from all involved allowed Rat to spread the score to 79-22; a 27-point jam for Luna Negra and Rat City.

Rat City’s Jukestapose really showed her prowess in the first quarter of the game, cutting through the pack with strength, agility and beautiful toe stop work. With the crowd murmuring that she skates like Denver’s Sandrine Rangeon, Juke should be very proud of her performance.

With 14:30 left in the half, Luna Negra was able to keep chalking up Rat’s lead as Racer McChaseHer was sent to the box on a forearm penalty. Luna was soon left with a full Detroit side consisting of Bruisie Siouxxx, Roxanna Hardplace, Freakin’ Rican and Lazer Beam holding her, but it wasn’t enough to stop Luna from taking the lead all the way to 103-29 with 13 minutes left in the half.

With 8:50 left in the first half, Racer McChaseHer was called out on a high block by the outside pack referee and Sintripedal Force was left on a powerjam. But moments later, Sintripedal was sent on a track cut called by a host of referees, and Racer was released.

Rat City’s power wall of the half consisted of Yoko, Carmen, Glitter and Shorty Ounce, who all performed impressively well as solo skaters and together.

Another power jam in Rat’s favor came soon after, with Sintripedal Force clocking up not only the points but blocker penalties against her. At one point in the jam, Racer McChaseHer was the only blocker on the track. Feta Sleeze returned with less than 30 seconds on the clock but Sintripedal called it before she could score. With 27 points clocked up, the score sat at 158-48 with 2:12 to go.

With just one minute left on the clock, Jukestapose was sent to the box on a low block. Detroit’s Swift Justice was jamming but called it soon after as she was dragged to the back of the box. Ally Sin Shoverland took the powerjam on for Detroit, steaming through Full Nelson, Shorty Ounce and K Beezy. Detroit employed full offense to little effect and wasn’t able to capitalize fully on the powerjam before Jukestapose was released. At the half the score sat at 158-69.

Starting the second half, Luna Negra took the line versus Swift Justice from Detroit. Justice grabbed lead and took four points to give Detroit the first few points of the half. Feta Sleeze picked up lead jammer in the next jam, but Jukestapose jumped the apex and was awarded four points, putting the score at 158-76. Detroit used their official review of the half instantly and said Jukestapose didn’t stick the landing; the four points were taken away.

Detroit grabbed the next three lead jammers, with Roxanna Hardplace, Ally Sin Shoverland and Swift Justice snatching control and a few quick points. With 24:56 left in the game, the score sat at 158-82. Luna Negra ended their run and ran up grand slams as K.Beezy, Carmen Getsome, Shorty Ounce and Yoko held Feta Sleeze on her initial pass. With 35 seconds left on the jam clock, Luna was sent to the box. She took some time getting through when she returned, and Detroit was able to pass the century mark and bring the score to 170-104 with 21:05 to go.

After the time out, Sintripedal Force struggled against a diminished Detroit defence consisting of 40, 42 and 303, but Ally Sin Shoverland was sent to the box on a cut while scoring. After Sintripedal took some time to get her first five points, Carmen Getsome demanded a star pass from Sintripedal and was able to grab nine points of her own. While Shoverland was released by the natural end of the jam, Carmen was able to push the score out to 194-106.

Feta Sleeze really proved her worth in the second half, playing clean, strong and requiring little help to get through the pack. With 9:22 to go, she took lead against Sintripedal Force and took the game to 211-119.

With less than six minutes to go, Racer McChaser was sent to the box on a back block against K.Beezy. It was her seventh trip, fouling Racer out. Luna Negra, jamming for Rat City, was sent to the box next, and the jam was called dead because Racer had already left the arena. With 4 minutes left in the game, the score sat at 222-129 in favor of Rat City.

Jukestapose took the jam line against Swift Justice with less than two minutes on the period clock, and after a few quick natural grand slams, Jukestapose decided to relax on the last 30 seconds and make sure she could stay on the track and call it when the period clock had expired. Rat advance to championships, coming away with a 254-129 win.

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