D2DM 3rd Place: Treasure Valley Lights Up Sin City, 184-142


DES MOINES, IA–Whether Treasure Valley’s progress through the inaugural Division 2 playoff was a Cinderella story, an object lesson in the limitations of the current ranking system or simply damn fun to watch is anybody’s guess. The team from Boise’s final challenge, after narrowly losing out to Asheville’s Blue Ridge yesterday, was a third-place game against the league in the tournament with the most storied history: Las Vegas’ top-seeded Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls.

The match-up didn’t disappoint either–in the bout of the tournament, a team that would not have even been there had it not been for others declining invites and not meeting eligibility requirements defeated the top seed to take third place, 184-142.

The first five jams showed the intensity that would play out the rest of the bout as Sin City got on the board first with four points, but TVR held them to just that for the next three jams as they grabbed 5, 4, and 4 to take the lead 13-4. Tight packwork on both sides made the jammers fight for every point.

The Force finally got lead for Sin City again as Udaho got recycled, and was then forced out on a cut. The Force juked and ducked for three 5s and called it. Bust’n Aces came in for clean up with Udaho still in the box but got held up by the magic twirl of Scarlet Danger’s skirt and only got 9 more, but enough to put Sin City in the lead, 28-13.

TVR held Molly Tov in the pack as Demolition Barbie grabbed 9 points. Sin City started to fill the box and TVR closed the gap to 6 points with 20 minutes to go. Scarlet again starred in the pack, this time assisted by Ana Highway to Hell, and recycled Geneva long enough for Dawn of the Shred to get 9 retake the lead for Treasure Valley, 36-29.

The Sin City blockers started to fill the track again and gave Demolition Barbie a hard time as Bust’n Aces jumped out with lead jammer status. She stumbled at the front on her scoring pass and tried to call the jam–but was boxed on a cut instead. The pack slowed as Demolition came around for her power jam; Ana snuck up to lay a hit on a Sin City blocker to trap the goat … but her plan fell apart though as Geneva, in the pack this time, knocked Demolition out and drew her back.

It was a tale of two pairs in the packs holding things together; while Ana and Scarlet ruled the packs for Treasure Valley, it was the blonde ponytails of Anti Hero and Shabamm that kept things in order for Sin City as the Nevada team started to dominate lead calls and narrow the gap.

The scoring run stopped as Ana and Scarlet tag-teamed once again to force a cut on Molly, and Udaho put up 25 on the powerjam before calling it with Molly standing. An official time out froze the clock with 5:40 left in the half; TVR led 88-53.

TVR continued to get lead jammer and stayed on top. Bust’n Aces went to the box thanks to a forearm call, and Udaho and Demo helped creep their lead up with a combined 19-point effort.

Blocker penalties for Treasure Valley meant Geneva jumped out for a quick lead as the half drew to a close, and Sin City’s ponytailed duo gave TVR’s Dawn of the Shred plenty of problems, holding her in the pack for just shy of the full two minutes. That was enough time for Geneva to erase Bust’n Aces’ power jam deficit, and leave Sin City in touch at the half, behind 113-75.

Sin City started the second half strong, picking up lead and a few points over four jams. Some focus was lost after Aces picked up lead but was instantly recycled by Sinister Kate as Udaho got out and worked her way around. Bust’n flew back through and called the jam, putting up her hand to ask for points. Sin City looked angry as she was denied and things started to get a little heated.

Shred broke the lead streak, but still lost the jam 0-3 to Molly as TVR tried to race the pack and burn the clock. The Force grabbed lead next time out, but as she tried to toe-stop past Sinister Kate on the apex and call it for points, she got whistled out on a cut. Pack discipline started to go as scoreboard pressure told, and Sin City ran into penalty problems. Demolition Barbie put up 25 points; Sin City fruitlessly reviewed the cut call.

Aces put up points on a powerjam after Sin City ate slowly into the TVR lead and composure returned to the Vegas pack. They were still behind, but the momentum was with them and it began to look like it was only a matter of time before Treasure Valley’s lead was overturned.

But Treasure Valley dug deep and held on, keeping Sin City just far enough away. Jammer penalties on both sides brought the crowd to life, but it was Sin City who came off the worse; they entered the final five still in a big hole.

The last few jams were intense as Sin City tried to make something big happen but TVR consistently forced calls when they gave up lead jammer status. In the last jam, Bust’n Aces got to the front, but was held by Raggedy Ann-ihilation just long enough for Demolition Barbie to get out for lead. Demo took her time, and called it for Treasure Valley to takes the W 184-142–a moment made all the sweeter for the Boise team by the sight of their injured teammate Whip Jagger standing and cheering on the sideline, despite the MCL tears in both knees she suffered on Friday.

Sin City confirmed that this bout was the last all-star appearance for both The Force and Mary Marvel.

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