D2D 7th: Brewcity Slugs Brandywine, 186-174


DULUTH, MN–Brewcity barely squeaked past Brandywine to take 7th place at the first D2 playoffs with a 186-174 win. While Brewcity held a respectable, if not comfortable, lead at the half, Brandywine surged out of the locker room to to take the lead ten minutes into the second period–only to see the game tied with two minutes to play. Brewcity’s Carabunga put on a blocking clinic in those final minutes, allowing Frank Hurt’r to retake the lead and secure the win for her side.

Honours were even across the first ten minutes before a double penalty for Not-Knotty for skating out of bounds–caused when she tried to grab points at the death by skating past a Brewcity wall and out without contact–and then cutting the track. Stormin’ DaCastle managed to take advantage of that and let the Bruisers double up on the Belligerents, 51-26.

That rough 2:1 ratio was maintained for Brewcity as Brandywine skaters paraded to the penalty box–but when they managed to keep enough skaters on the track they prospered.

The final minutes of the first period saw a strong run for Brandywine as Brewcity hit penalty problems; Brewcity led 110-74.

That lead was cut into single digits in the opening exchanges as Brandywine showed a calmer and more collected side to their game than had been seen earlier in the weekend.

By the ten-minute mark, it was a one-point game before Skinny Guinea grabbed the lead, making it 128-121 with 18 minutes left as DeckHerH8er and Ballerinka owned the pack.

Not-Knotty extended the lead to a bout-high 17 when DaCastle picked up a huge track cut. Scooter was eating into the lead when she botched an apex jump on turn four and was called for a cut. However, she transitioned directly into the penalty box on hearing the call and was out and scoring again in almost no time at all. Scooter finished the job as she got Brewcity back in front–but she botched another apex jump in exactly the same spot. But again, she was out in no time and secured another jam win, with Skinny Guinea receiving a star pass in the interim.

The gap stayed within single digits into the closing jams as DeckHerH8er fouled out–but Brandywine kept their heads and with 2:10 left they tied it up again. A Brewcity time-out stopped the clock at 1:45; when play resumed, Frank Hurt’r got lead over Buenos D. A$$ and put up 10 points as Carabunga repeatedly floored Buenos. Buenos got out when Cara was boxed, but the game was already lost as Frank hit her third scoring pass and cooled it down before calling it–Brewcity took the win 186-174.

Brewcity Jammers Jams Lead Points Brandywine Jammers Jams Lead Points
Stormin’ DaCastle (1789) 13 8 79 Not-Knotty (273) 15 9 69
Scooter (1KCC) 14 9 58 Buenos D. A$$ (138) 10 6 53
Frank Hurt’r (216) 2 2 32 Skinny Guinea (9) 12 7 33
Latina Heat (22) 6 3 10 Crash Bansheekoot (121) 4 1 19
Skittle (5) 7 2 7 Thresher (23) 4 0 0

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#101 Rapid ArrhythMIA (Captain) // #121 Crash Bansheekoot // #138 Buenos D. A$$ // #23 Thresher // #247 Anya Alnight // #273 Not-Knotty // #6 Dirty Rox-Tini // #728 Ballerinka // #757 Cutthroat KC // #789 DeckHerH8er // #9 Skinny Guinea


#1 Grace Killy // #14 Strykher //#1789 Stormin’ DaCastle // #1KCC Scooter // #216 Frank Hurt’r // #22 Latina Heat // #240 T-LO (Captain) // #350 The Other White Meat // #38 Betty Boobs // #44 Freight Train // #5 Skittle // #56 Frau KaPow // #716 Zotay // #724 Puss N Boots // #8 Carabunga // #934 Carmen Ejectya // #99 Becky The Butcher

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