D2D 5th: Treasure Valley Razes Suburbia, 236-111


DULUTH, MN–Suburbia and Treasure Valley matched up for the second time this weekend. They both won 2 and lost 1 to wind up battling for 5th place. It started as a very back and forth game after Suburbia got four power jams, but after the initial stages they struggled against the solid blocking of Treasure Valley. Treasure Valley’s stranglehold on the game got tighter and tighter as it progressed–and the Idaho team ended up improving on their day-one margin by 100 points, 236-111.

Suburbia again prepped for their game with a pre-bout dance party, in yet more fancy leggings. Their enthusiasm waned a bit as they came up against solid Treasure Valley walls and faced penalty woes. They found success though when Demolition Barbie picked up a forearm in the third jam and Veloce Villain put Suburbia on top by one point. Lauren Forcer got the first lead call for them in the next jam and snagged two more points. Treasure Valley picked it back up and stretched their lead to 19 points by using good defense as their offense.

Charlotte Bupowski erased that cushion in a single jam after Ella Snofury tried to sneak through on the line but cut the track instead. She had received lead, so it went a full two minutes. Suburbia did well playing offense and defense, making it a 24-4 jam and retaking the lead by a single point.

The lead switched back and forth again in the opening minutes, but even as it did so it just became clear that Suburbia could only make progress during power jams. After Treasure Valley’s jammers cleaned up their act, they held Suburbia to only nine points until the half–at which point they had a very comfortable 124-60 lead.

Treasure Valley has many good blockers in the pack, but were reinforced by Scarlet Danger who showed up late to the weekend. She was not in the pack during the first match against the Suburban Brawl, and this time helped shut out their jammers again and again.

They are all practiced in slow, compact defense, which frustrated Charlotte Bupowski–they kept her to 28 points, with other jammers Lauren Forcer and Veloce Villain held under 40.

Suburbia did adapt with star passes and offensive plays, but they weren’t able to score enough points. Berry Boom Boom seemed to be everywhere in the pack, but ended up accruing a wide range of seven penalties, and had to leave the game before it ended. Captain Little Loca held up many jammers and worked well with her team, but couldn’t stop the point bleeding.

After a long weekend and four games, Suburbia did improve their placement to 6th after coming in as the #9 seed. They proved that they had progressed markedly from last year, and that losing won’t stop their dance party.

Treasure Valley showed their pack work has gotten better and their jammer bench deeper after playing some hard teams the past year. Losing last year’s title of underdog tournament darlings, Treasure Valley took 5th place with a 236-111 win.

Treasure Valley Jammers Jams Lead Points Suburbia Jammers Jams Lead Points
Demolition Barbie (1959) 9 8 92 Lauren Forcer (50) 13 5 39
Udaho (208) 11 9 65 Veloce Villain (84) 14 2 37
Ella Snofury (1697) 7 5 39 Charlotte Bupowski (382) 11 1 28
Dawn of the Shred (462) 11 7 32 TNTeeny (89) 0 0 4
KeKe Khaos (808) 3 3 8 Dina Sore Jr. (18) 1 1 3

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.

Treasure Valley

#1697 Ella Snofury // #1959 Demolition Barbie // #208 Udaho // #2517 Mia Wallups // #34G Boobie Houser, M.D. // #462 Dawn of the Shred // #5 Raggedy Ann-ihilation // #514 Smack Skellington // #567 Gawd Dame Savage // #630 Scarlet Danger // #66 Aralia Spine // #808 KeKe Khaos // #8338 Ana Highway To Hell // #951 Sinister Kate (Captain)


#18 Dina Sore Jr. // #19 Angry Penguin // #23 Berry Boom Boom // #325 Rogue Pierog // #333 Nail Diamond // #382 Charlotte Bupowski // #5 AldanaMite // #50 Lauren Forcer // #555 Aya Yai // #66 Little Loca (Captain) // #78 Brawl Stanley // #84 Veloce Villain // #89 TNTeeny // #U92 Party Girl Accelerator

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