D2D 1st: Detroit Condemns Sin City, 318-106


DULUTH, MN–Detroit’s final game went about the same as the previous two: shut out jammers, powerful blockers, and big point spreads. Sin City’s strong pack game got disrupted and they went for more big hits. They continued to use star passes to try and stop the point scoring but they couldn’t post any big jams to ever get close to Detroit, who finished 318-106 winners.Detroit’s drop in the rankings after their early-season blowouts by London and Rocky placed them in the Division 2 playoffs, but their easy ride to first place strongly suggest that this is really not the division in which they belong.

Detroit held Sin City scoreless for the first ten minutes, working up a 68-0 advantage. Racer McChaseher only let them score while wasting time trying to get her two blockers back on the track. When Detroit’s defense wasn’t hard at work, their offensive plays were quick and lethal.

Off the Hook took the track with Detroit as jammer this game, after not playing all weekend. Cookie Rumble took it a bit easy, but still put up 50 points of her own. The jamming was mostly left up to Feta Sleeze and Racer McChaseHer—who outscored Sin City all on her own at 115 points.

Despite the huge point spread, Sin City never gave up and their blockers constantly recycled to try and keep jammers. Geneva Conviction and Bust’N Ace did double duty blocking as well as jamming. Geneva held the most points at 35 followed by DissLoKate with 25. At the half, Sin City crept up to 57 points while Detroit had 171.

Sin City came back hard in the second half, but couldn’t get enough points when they had lead, and suffered too many jammer penalties to exert any control on Detroit’s scoring. Detroit concluded the game 318-106, receiving 1st place. Their own Racer McChaseHer received an extra award, being named Tournament MVP.

Detroit Jammers Jams Lead Points Sin City Jammers Jams Lead Points
Racer McChaseHer (28) 13 11 115 Geneva Conviction (49) 9 3 35
Feta Sleeze (45) 14 8 82 DissLoKate (311) 8 2 25
Cookie Rumble (33) 4 4 50 Despicable Mia (999) 5 1 16
Lazer Beam (620) 7 6 40 Dixie Dash (521) 6 2 14
Off the Hook (13) 5 2 22 Bust’N Ace (777) 6 2 14

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#13 Off The Hook // #247 Boo D. Livers // #28 Racer Mcchaseher // #303 Bruisie Siouxxx // #33 Cookie Rumble // #38DD Tig O’Hitties // #428 Freakin’ Rican // #45 Feta Sleeze // #46 Fatal Femme (Captain) // #6 Elle Mcfearsome // #620 Lazer Beam // #66 Perish-Her // #73 Alassin Sane // #999 U.S.S. DentHerPrize


Sin City

#09 Domme Juan // #25 Anti Hero // #311 DissLoKate // #362 Dairy Heir (Captain) // #435 Sticky Fingers // #475 Molly Tov // #49 Geneva Conviction // #521 Dixie Dash // #762 Warren Peace // #777 Bust’N Ace // #88 Shabamm // #923 Gypsy Whips // #999 Despicable Mia // #m60 21 Guns

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