D2 Kitchener-Waterloo Playoff Preview


The second playoff of the 2014 tournament season has a number of milestones: it is the first playoff to be held outside the USA, and it is the first to feature a team from continental Europe.

Read on to find out about all the teams, and all the day-one match-ups.

Game 1: Friday 10:00am

Demolition City Dynamite Dolls #8 seed – WFTDA #60 vs Bear City Berlin Bombshells #9 seed – WFTDA #61

Kicking off the Kitchener-Waterloo games, the Demolition City and Bear City match is sure to be a close game. Both teams have overcome some major obstacles this season and came very close to not qualifying for Division 2 playoffs. In addition to this, both teams are very closely ranked currently, and both have potential to take victory in their first game.

Bear City, the only team not from North America in the second Division 2 tournament, leaped into upper Division 2 rankings in May. Because of their distance from many WFTDA teams, Bear City had only played one sanctioned game last September against Glasgow. After playing at the Beach Brawl in May, Bear City asserted their dominance within the Division 2 spectrum, and jumped 52 spots in the next round of rankings. While Bear City only won one game at Beach Brawl, an upset against Gold Coast (#56), they beat their predicted spread by a significant margin in each game. In spite of being an ocean away from most WFTDA teams, Bear City has made a statement about their skill and intentions with this season, and we can expect to see this intensity brought to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Demolition City, out of Evansville, IN, is also new to the WFTDA playoff scene. Due to a series of unfortunate events, they played their last required sanctioned game at the very last minute and were able to maintain their status as Division 2 qualifiers. Taking an early upset over Cincinnati, Dem City realized playoffs were within reach and they focused their season on obtaining this goal. This was made difficult by a forced change in practice space in the midst of their 2014 season. Their new space is too small to fit a full WFTDA regulation-size track, and this has presented some training hurdles. Nonetheless, Demolition City has certainly had a strong season, and will be heading to Ontario with their eyes on a strong playoff showing.

Demolition City

#0 Hurtz Donut // #00 B Dawn Kadonk // #1109 Tenacious V // #149 Bambi ThumpHer // #21 Coco Cream-Ahoe // #22 Bangs Mccoy // #25 Lickety-Splint // #38 Hell Kat // #3X Terra Sunder // #44 Steel Stiches // #51 Sprintin Tarantino // #617 Marion A. Matrix // #71 Ima Hokiller // #75 Shelby N. Pain (Captain) // #777 Lala Oopsy // #81 Stepheree // #82 Godjilla // #911 4-Alarm Felon // #LB2X Kin’ney Shot // #N0H8 Flex A. Belle

Bear City

#109 Emmazon // #12 Paulina Pocket // #15 Flux // #173 McHercry // #18 Kata Pulta // #2 Master Blaster // #22 Donner Doro // #247 Catherine Beat-Her Bonez // #25 Mia Missile // #42 Lizzy Slaughter #481 Titty Twista // #505 Heavy Rotation (Captain) // #67 Karo’Bolage // #79 Bee Fattal // #96 Ouch Capone // #99 Rocky // #B4 Skullhead O’Hara // #B612 Kozmic Bruise // #79 FoXy Führer

Game 2: Friday 12:00pm

Gold Coast Derby Grrls #7 seed – WFTDA #56 vs Grand Raggidy Roller Girls #10 seed – WFTDA #64

Though this game will be one of the biggest differences in seeds in the first round, this game also has potential to be a close match-up. Each team is coming off of a very different season, Gold Coast are new to WFTDA playoffs and Grand Raggidy are seasoned playoff veterans. Gold Coast and Grand Raggidy have never played each other, and while Gold Coast is favored to win, Grand Raggidy could bring an upset.

Gold Coast Derby Grrls out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, formed in 2007 and have been a part of WFTDA since 2011. Making their first playoff appearance, Gold Coast is coming off of a 7-2 winning record in their 2014 season. Gold Coast has not played a game since July when they lost to Jacksonville (#14) 293 to 48. Aside from this game, and losing to Bear City in a surprising upset at Beach Brawl, Gold Coast has outplayed all opponents. This includes several similarly ranked opponents, such as Suburbia (#62), Blue Ridge (#41), and DC (#42). We were led to believe at one point that Team USA skater Baller Shot Caller and SoulJourner were transferring to Atlanta, but they currently remain on their roster. Based on their successful season thus far, it is likely Gold Coast will have a strong showing in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Grand Raggidy, out of Grand Rapids, MI, are one of only 30 founding WFTDA leagues, being part of the WFTDA since its inception in 2005. They have made many playoff appearances over the past nine years, but with a 10 seed, they are not favored to win their first game. GRRG has, however, had a strong season that has picked up momentum over the past few months. After losing a few key skaters to retirement at the end of 2013, Grand Raggidy’s All Stars had some rebuilding to do.

A few of these retired skaters came quickly back out of retirement, including star blocker Trashy Twolips, which helped GRRG stay on track. Their traditionally strong defensive side seemed to struggle initially due to these losses, but has since recovered to full-strength. GRRG took home two wins at Brewhaha over Fargo Moorhead (#75) and NEO (#70), which helped their ranking stay within Division 2 qualification. They also recently took a solid 215 to 111 win over up and coming Michigan team, Ann Arbor who they beat by only a 38-point spread (180 to 142) in May of this year. We can expect the Grand Raggidy All Stars to come into this weekend’s games with focus and strength, which should make for a good match in their first game against Gold Coast.

Gold Coast

#0 Sookie Skankhouse (Captain) // #000 Bitchin’ N Rollin // #1114 Carnivorous Licks // #117 Reverse Cowgirl // #1337 Bandida // #143 Baller Shot Caller // #28 Clea Patra HeartbreakHer // #3024 Freek-A-Rella // #412 Crazy Yinzer // #422 Annihilating Annie // #47 SoulJourner // #49er Pow Pow Panther // #5 Barbwire Gordon // #51 Lil’ Scrap // #5X5 Belle Kabong // #82 Rageaholic Rex // #88 Lucy Liunatic // #9 Kitten Not Submittin // #911 Intended Anger // #C3PO Anakin Skyblocker

Grand Raggidy

#00 Bette Mangler // #01 Lindsay Blowhan // #09 Mona Vaydid (Captain) // #13 DeaLyn Daisies // #14 Gypsy Rose // #17 Ultra Fox // #19 Rue DeDaye // #25 Freakn C // #30 Straight Edge Revenge // #31 Killy Munster // #33 Trashy Twolips // #35 Xtreme Tac // #69 Bidi Bidi Bang Bang // #77 Lucy Morals // #83 Ringo Deathstarr // #88 Garden Ho

Game 3: Friday 2:00pm

Killamazoo Derby Darlins #4 seed – WFTDA #50 vs Chicago Outfit #5 seed – WFTDA #51

Killamazoo and the Outfit last played each other in 2010, and will likely be one of the closest matches in the initial round of this weekend’s playoffs. Both teams have had very strong seasons, and have maintained consistently high Division 2 rankings all season.

The Killamazoo Derby Darlins out of Kalamazoo, MI have been consistently climbing the WFTDA ranks over the past few seasons. Kitchener-Waterloo will be their second Division 2 playoff appearance, and they are seeded one spot lower this season than last, going into playoffs. In spite of this, Killamazoo’s strong season sets the stage for what will likely be a strong playoff showing this weekend. With 14 sanctioned games under their belt in 2014 alone, Killamazoo has had a few ups and downs. Their record thus far is eight wins and six losses, with half of these losses happening at the Southern Discomfort tournament in late April. Since this tough weekend, Killamazoo has not lost a game, and we can certainly expect this momentum to carry over to playoffs. The Derby Darlins have a traditionally strong and extensive jammer rotation, and an equally strong defensive game. 2014 has been no exception, making Killamazoo a team to watch this playoff season.

Seeded one spot behind Killamazoo, the Chicago Outfit has also had a strong 2014 season. After losing star jammer Jan Trainor (formerly Queefer Sutherland) to Windy City at the beginning of the year, they initially struggled, losing 3 consecutive games to Grand Raggidy, (#64) Tampa (#26), and Twin City (#77). The Outfit then began to regroup, and won 4 consecutive games against Cincinnati (#87), Connecticut (#103), Tri-City (#40), and Bleeding Heartland (#86), jumping 20 spots when the May rankings were released. The Outfit seems to have continued gaining momentum over the past several months with wins over NEO (#70) and Burning River (#78) and will likely head into Kitchener-Ontario with strength and determination.


#1 Weers Waldo // #1039 Ophelia Plenty // #1148 Alykate Confusions // #1150 Neva // #1157 Nancy Drew Blood // #13 Lily St Smear // #1313 Doobie Trap // #1776 Merica // #217 Emma Pistol // #28 Stinker Belle // #314 Heckler // #33 Javelin // #35 T-Rantula // #365 Miss B. Haven (Captain) // #480 Crashive Aggressive // #5 Rolla Ramher // #77 Heartless Hottie // #78 Beaver Jam // #802 Spicy Jalapeno #89 Jessie Girl


#00 Kim Mortal #0902 Hero Shima // #138 Lola Blow // #14 The Joan Ranger // #15 Ice Hurt // #18 Matza Ball Breaker (Captain) // #1978 Nikita // #2016 Jane Flinch // #21 Samantha Judge // #32 Pain Gwen // #409 Shebiscuit // #43 Sneer and Loathing // #50 Lethal Dose // #666 Suzie Crotchrot // #708 Agony Andy // #777 Pit Bull Princess // #82 Jenergizer Bunny // #83 Lindiana Jones // Lady K // #S0S Pippi Long Smackings

Game 4: Friday 4:00pm

DC Rollergirls #1 seed – WFTDA #42 vs winner of Demolition City vs Bear City

The DC Rollergirls are the top seed in this weekend’s tournament. Though their season was clearly focused on breaking into Division 1, they only briefly broke into it late in the season. Though they did not achieve their initial goal, they are heading into Division 2 playoffs with one of their best seasons to date under their belts and every potential to come out of Kitchener-Waterloo on top. DC has played 17 sanctioned games in 2014, and holds a record of 10 wins and 7 losses. DC appeared to be unstoppable by the end of May, having outplayed several similarly ranked opponents at that time. In spite of a strong season, DC recently took an unexpected loss to Suburbia (#62), a loss that was uncharacteristic of their season overall. They then spent a weekend in Texas and took two additional losses to Houston (#36) and Dallas (#66).

DC beat Bear City (#61) in early May at the Beach Brawl tournament by a fairly small margin of 151 to 117. If they take on the Berlin team in their first game, it’s likely to be a solid match. DC has not played Demolition City to date. With each possible combination, DC will come into Kitchener-Waterloo looking for a weekend of victory.


#1 Viva Violence // #1209 Maggie Walters // #1797 Stabigail Adams // #1883 Scoriental Express // 2012 Sweet Kay Oz // #31M Griffith (Captain) // #330 Wilkinson // #378 Ridin’ Dirty // #5 Neve Cannibal // #543 Greenwood // #606 Miller-Miller // #62 Vicious von Doom // #689 Beaver Receiver // #755 Spank Erin // #798 Kung Pow Kitten // #85 Jill Hill // #86BC Artemis Conduct // #910 Bloody Elle // K0 Rocky Brawlboa // #LD50 Yankee Scandal

Game 5: Friday 6:00pm

Queen City Roller Girls #2 seed – WFTDA #46 vs winner of Gold Coast vs Grand Raggidy

At the beginning of 2014, the Queen City Roller Girls out of Buffalo, NY had the same goal in mind that many Division 2 teams did: to land comfortably in the top of D2 and make it to playoffs. Queen City made a playoff appearance in 2013, and came out in 9th place at the Kalamazoo games, despite entering the tournament with a 6 seed. This season, Queen City has outplayed both Burning River and Killamazoo, teams they lost to in the 2014 playoffs. They have secured a spot as a 2 seed in this year’s tournament, and should be able to use the progress they’ve maded this season to their advantage this weekend. QCRG has played 8 sanctioned games in 2014, and hold a 5-3 record, playing only teams in the top D2 spectrum.

Queen City’s strong season has not been without challenges. They lost a handful of key veteran skaters this season due to injury, relocation and general hiatus, but several newer skaters were able to fill these shoes. In all, Queen City is a team to watch this weekend, and we can expect them to bring a much different game to Kitchener-Waterloo than they did to Kalamazoo in 2013.

Queen City

#153 Low Hits Griffin // #1666 inSINerator // #198 Blackrock Bruiser // #21 B’kini Whacks // #226 Shank Ya Very Much // #240 Ivana LeiHerOut // #252 Miss Fire // #369 PaulverizHer // #42 Alley-Oops // #46 Midnyt Maniac // #52 Tabrina Schreier (Captain) // #54 Head Huntress // #60 Pepper Stix // #622 LiBRAWLian // #63 Val Du Morte // #64 Celery Stalk-her // #711 Day TripHer // #73 Wrecks Kitten // #82 Tuesday Hula // #99 Abercrombie & Fists

Game 6: Friday 8:00pm

Rideau Valley Roller Girls #3 seed – WFTDA #47 vs Boulder County Bombers #6 seed – WFTDA #54

The final game on Friday will bring together two leagues that are new to Division 2 playoffs. Rideau Valley, hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, will take on the Boulder County Bombers, from Boulder, CO. There is both a significant seed and ranking differential between these teams, with Rideau Valley being favored to win, but this game may be more competitive than anticipated.

Rideau Valley was founded in 2008 and became full WFTDA members in 2012. Rideau’s 2014 schedule was intentionally competitive, taking on several teams from the high end of Division 2. They outplayed each opponent, including NEO (#70), Maine (#76), Green Mountain (#68), and Roc City (#67). These wins helped the Vixens to climb to their current #42 spot, earning them a 3 seed in the Kitchener-Waterloo playoff. At the recent Maple Stir-Up tournament, RVRG took a tough 178 to 150 loss to Calgary (#105), an anomaly to an otherwise perfect record season. This recent loss may work in the Vixens’ favor, however, as they will be heading into their first playoffs with some vengeance.

The Boulder County Bombers will also be making their first Division 2 playoff appearance in Kitchener-Waterloo. Unlike most teams headed to playoffs, Boulder did not tackle big opponents this season. Rather than traveling and playing other teams ranked similarly to them, Boulder played several smaller and lower-ranked teams and focused on beating the anticipated spread with these games each time. This approach worked well for them, as they secured a comfortable 6 seed in the tournaments. Because we’ve not seen Boulder play any of the other high-level D2 teams, their performance this weekend has the potential to take many by surprise. This young team seems to be full of talent, and will likely give Rideau Valley a run for their money in their first game this weekend.

Rideau Valley

#10 Murphy // #11 Chakra Rocker // #15 Restless Rose // #16 Margaret Choke // #182 Jamie’s Got a Gun // #24 Shania Pain // #25 BlackeyE // #30 Sister Disaster // #40 Jane Rudolph // #454 Da Big Block // #49 Brennan // #55 Soul Rekker // #666 KiKi VonCarnage // #69 Jennifer Anderson // #9 Bottema (Captain) // #91 AustinTatious

Boulder County

#0717 Catapult // #11 Trixie Von Teaze (Captain) // #117 Muscle Leanie // #132 Shirley Mowyadowny // #151 Smashalotapus // #204 Jenitellya // #247 Give ‘em Elle // #357 Mallory Knox-n-Blocks // #451 Dinah Fire // #5 MissFortune Cookie // #504 Fleur de Beast // #666 Short Stack // #717 Her She Bad // #727 Jaynesrous Jukes // #815 Feist E. One // #82 Murderface Maully // #88 CatastroPhoebe // A1 Sauce // #H20 Skinny DipHer // #M16 Meg My Day //


Images: Boulder County – Chase Creative Photography; Rideau Valley – Nedlaw Photos; Queen City – Jim Bush; DC Rollergirls – James Calder, Shutterthug; Chicago Outfit – Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography; Killamazoo – DB Photography; Gold Coast – Bold City Photography; Grand Raggidy – DeFord Designs; Berlin Bombshells – ShutHerUp Photography; Demolition City – Cory Layman.

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