D2 Duluth: Sin City Downs Brewcity, 194-141


DULUTH, MN–Sin City got the better of the game’s opening exchanges as both teams got used to the surface and surroundings, but not by much. Brewcity struggled throughout to keep defensive cohesion with initially strong-looking walls breaking up under minimal movement from Sin City jammers.

Sin City had similar issues to start with too, but found their discipline quicker than BCB–yet the Vegas team couldn’t pull away until relatively deep in the second period. Once they did, though, there was no coming back for Brewcity–they were dumped into the consolation bracket as Sin City finished 194-141 winners.

Jammer indiscipline on both sides characterised the end of the half, which suited Sin City slightly better; Brew City’s defensive lines just didn’t come together on power jam defence anywhere near as effectively as Sin City’s did.

Generally when BCB had success it was down to well-timed hits and strong individual defensive displays holding up Sin City jammers, but Sin City’s teamwork meant they finished the first half with a bout-high 25-point lead, 83-58.

That lead didn’t last long into the second half as Zotay came out of the locker room on fire. She managed to tie it up–but then a power jam in the very next jam and another a few jams later turned things back around, and Sin City never looked back.

Sin City had doubled their lead by the 15-minute mark and relentlessly pushed on from there. They managed the clock as well as they managed Brewcity’s occasional bursts of initiative and closed out the bout 194-141.

Sin City progress to the first semifinal tomorrow at 2pm; Brewcity will enter the fight for fifth.

Brewcity Jammers Jams Lead Points Sin City Jammers Jams Lead Points
Zotay (716) 9 5 43 DissLoKate (311) 8 3 43
Skittle (5) 12 3 27 MollyTov (475) 5 5 42
Strykher (14) 4 3 25 Geneva Conviction (49) 8 6 42
Sharkira (23) 5 2 18 Dixie Dash (521) 10 4 40
Scooter (1KCC) 6 3 15 Despicable Mia (999) 5 1 19

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#14 Strykher // #1KCC Scooter // #216 Frank Hurt’r // #22 Latina Heat // #23 Sharkira // #240 T-LO (Captain) // #350 The Other White Meat // #38 Betty Boobs // #44 Freight Train // #5 Skittle // #56 Frau KaPow // #716 Zotay // #724 Puss N Boots // #8 Carabunga

Sin City

#09 Domme Juan // #25 Anti Hero // #311 DissLoKate // #362 Dairy Heir (Captain) // #435 Sticky Fingers // #475 Molly Tov // #49 Geneva Conviction // #521 Dixie Dash // #762 Warren Peace // #777 Bust’N Ace // #88 Shabamm // #923 Gypsy Whips // #999 Despicable Mia // #m60 21 Guns

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