D2 Duluth Playoff Preview


After the inaugural season of WFTDA divisions, teams have now had a full year to work the calculator and find their groove among the rankings. For some, it ended up with them falling out of playoff contention while for others it was a matter of making great strides to the top, even making the jump to Division 1.

The 2014 playoff season kicks off in Duluth, Minnesota, this weekend with Division 2. This bracket has a mixed bag of new leagues and old, which could make for some interesting results.
Big Easy and St. Chux made impressive jumps to get their first ever playoff invite at 3rd and 1st seeds respectively. Brandywine made huge progress in the rankings early in the year, but dropped and just barely snuck in as 10th seed. Omaha, Brewcity, Treasure Valley and Sin City are all meeting up in the same bracket again this year. Suburbia slid in at the bottom again this year, but may be a stronger team then they seem. Tucson makes a return to tournaments after declining last year, and Detroit stumbled out of D1 to come in as #2 seed – but find themselves among the favourites to lift the still-unnamed Division 2 trophy in Nashville as their season has picked up.

The combination of leagues and revamped rosters will make for close competition this weekend, and give a better idea of where these teams really stand.
There will be coverage throughout the weekend here and updates on our Facebook and Twitter. To watch the games, purchase a weekend pass for $7 on WFTDA.tv. The following pages have a quick rundown on each league, and who they’re matched up with in the first round of games.

Game 1: Friday 10 AM

Omaha All-Stars #7 Seed – WFTDA #57 vs Brandywine Belligerents #10 Seed – WFTDA #63

After a rocky end to 2013, the Omaha All-Stars are back in the exact same spot they were last August with a #7 seed placement.
Omaha’s solid defensive skaters were never in question, but their jammer bench was shortened with Ima Firestarter sidelined and some other skaters leaving the charter. This year though, they seemed to have filled a few of those gaps with Firestarter back, and Flash Gloria (Megan Harrington) transferring from No Coast. The roster they’re taking to Duluth is without Daisy Mayhem to knock people around, nor Rady Ruck or Mae Kit Rain to play double threat. Midlife Crashes also played her last game earlier this year.

Brandywine has experienced a lot in the past year; they became full WFTDA members last June, entered the rankings at #52 by the end of November, and then shot up to #40 by the end of March. Now they are heading into their first playoff tournament but fell to the lower end of the bracket by the cutoff date. Their quick rise may have been from big wins over Cincinnati and Carolina as those two eventually dropped in the rankings, but Brandywine did have a win over Tri-City in April.

Last year, Omaha was over-taken by playoff newcomers, Treasure Valley, and face a new and uncertain team again this year. With Brandywine’s inconsistency, Omaha’s strengthened jammer line up may see them in a better position this time around. Winner of this game will go on to play #2 Seed Detroit on Friday at 6PM.


#101 Rapid ArrhythMIA (Captain) // #121 Crash Bansheekoot // #138 Buenos D. A$$ // #23 Thresher // #247 Anya Alnight // #273 Not-Knotty // #6 Dirty Rox-Tini // #728 Ballerinka // #757 Cutthroat KC // #789 DeckHerH8er // #9 Skinny Guinea


#0602 Bohemian Bruisin BombshElle // #101 Sharon Misery // #215 Bella Cose // #3 Holmes Sweet Holmes // #32 Flash Gloria // #38 Crash Heartless // #42 Axl Rogue (Captain) // #4Q Matadora // #53 Ima Firestarter // #6FT D’Naille Inya Coffin // #750 Southern Discomfort // #964 Eblastagirl // #G30 Skateaway Faye // #MK80 Molly Massacre

Game 2: Friday 12PM

Treasure Valley All-Stars #8 Seed – WFTDA #59 vs Suburban Brawl #9 Seed WFTDA #62

Treasure Valley played the underdog last year as #10 seed and finished in 3rd place, which may have been due to underranking in a tough Western region.
They took that momentum this year and ran with it, playing many highly ranked teams such as Oly and Rose City. Despite big losses, like their 623-point deficit to Bay Area, Raggedy Ann-ihilation attested to the lessons gained from those experiences. “We learned a lot about how to prepare for games and more importantly how we as a team react and adapt to major losses.” The pressure to win at tournaments can be overwhelming, so a lesson in overcoming hardship may help them go far again this year.

Suburbia recently took on the role of underdog, with their win over DC last month, after losing hard to them at Beach Brawl in May. That month’s ranking took them down to #67, but they bounced up five spots in time for playoffs. Their recent performances indicate they are looking stronger, and Little Loca attributes it to more experience and a stronger roster. “We lost almost half our roster from last year, and luckily in the fall we got a big crop of really experienced, talented skaters and some superfly newbies.”

Suburbia has the weekend to prove that their win over DC wasn’t a fluke, and Treasure Valley won’t have the element of surprise this year. The winner of this game will play the #1 Seed, St. Chux, Friday at 8PM.

Treasure Valley

#1697 Ella Snofury // #17 Under Rager // #1959 Demolition Barbie // #208 Udaho // #23 T-Wrecks // #25 Stryker Dead // #2517 Mia Wallups // #314 Lemon Harangue Die // #34G Boobie Houser, M.D. // #462 Dawn of the Shred // #5 Raggedy Ann-ihilation // #514 Smack Skellington // #567 Gawd Dame Savage // #630 Scarlet Danger // #66 Aralia Spine // #808 KeKe Khaos // #8338 Ana Highway To Hell // #951 Sinister Kate (Captain)


#12 Ermahgerd! // #18 Dina Sore Jr. // #19 Angry Penguin // #1979 Smashing Pumpkin // #23 Berry Boom Boom // #25 Sing Sing Slammer // #325 Rogue Pierog // #333 Nail Diamond // #36 PhDD // #382 Charlotte Bupowski // #5 AldanaMite // #50 Lauren Forcer // #500 WINDY 500 // #555 Aya Yai // #66 Little Loca (Captain) // #78 Brawl Stanley // #84 Veloce Villain // #88 Helda Raise // #89 TNTeeny // #U92 Party Girl Accelerator

Game 3: Friday 2PM

Big Easy AllStars #3 Seed – WFTDA #48 vs Tucson Saddletramps #6 Seed – WFTDA #53

Despite being an original member of the WFTDA, the Big Easy AllStars are getting their first shot at playoffs, and they put themselves in a very good position at the last second.
With a losing record of 1-5 for playoff qualification, they proved their worth with a big win over Gainesville and a close 39-point loss to Tri-City. Recently they took on Second Wind, Windy City’s impressive B team, and only lost by 15 points.
With their first match up against another WFTDA OG, Tucson (who declined their D2 invite last year, but make it this year), Co-Captain Harmaknee expects nothing less than to win this weekend. “We’ve worked for a year to earn that number three seed, so we are prepared and ready for a new challenge.”

Tucson was taken surprise by their playoff invite last year, and weren’t ready to commit financially in such a quick turn around, nor certain they would have a full roster.
Since that time, they’ve done nothing but prepare for this year’s playoff season, and Pixie Axe says they are excited to play some new teams. “The SaddleTramps roster is constantly in flux, but we are hard working and completely dedicated to this sport.”
After beating Dallas and Sin City in their own Dust Devil Tournament, the Saddletramps went on to take 2nd after losing to the rising Arizona. This helped them jump to #42 by the end of April but by playing a few more underranked teams, they dropped 13 spots by the end of May, but ultimately landed a playoff spot.

Big Easy will need to prove their stuff in their first year, while Tucson may have a bit of playoff rust to brush off, but both have had plenty of busy weekends this year to prepare. Winner will move on to Saturday at 4PM to take on the winner of Detroit and Omaha/Brandywine.

Big Easy

#00 Rock Bottom // #1108 Lacy Underalls // #1954 Bang Crosby // #2012 Rogue Roulette // #440 Harmaknee // #5 Diet Choke // #510 BRUTALicious // #650 Coalminer’s Slaughter (Captain) // #76 NOLA Ebola // #81 Beatrix Skiddo // #86 Killjoy // #911 Pork Chop Slamwich // #93 Abeata Applebum // #999 Muttley


#010 Shana Banana Hammock // #1 Mica Jackson // #10 Kosma Nauti // #13 Blaxican Bomber // #1337 ROFL Copter // #17 K’Mean Streak // #1980 Metal Maiden // #24 Midnight Crasher // #26 Run and Heidi // #3 Pinky McLovin // #33 Pixie Axe (Captain) // #36 Hudson Hornet // #37 Death Proof // #4N6 Bone Eta // #717 Mystery Meat // #77 Judo Gnomi // #86 Dirty Duchess / #88 Alabama Whirley // #9 Ema Sculator

Game 4: Friday 4PM

Brewcity Bruisers All Stars #4 Seed – WFTDA #49 vs Fabulous Sin City All-Stars #5 Seed – WFTDA #52

Brewcity plays a lot of games and has travelled up and down the Midwest this year. Not only does this give them lots of experience but has helped them chip away at the rankings and rise 18 places since February.
At last year’s playoff, Treasure Valley got the best of them and despite Grace Killy’s ankle injury in the game against Duke, they pulled out a win but ultimately got 6th after a final loss to Dallas. At Clover Cup in March they took 3rd and they went 2-1 at both Skate to Thrill and Brewhaha. Their loss at Brew was only -42 points to top seed, St. Chux.

Sin City came out lower than they were seeded last year, yet played a solid game on the track while only using ten skaters off their bench.
Since then they’ve lost five veterans, including notable double threat The Force, and have ranged in the rankings from #44 to #58. #6 seed Tucson beat them at Dust Devil by 77 points, but in July, Sin City played a tight game with #24 Wasatch. Despite the rebuilding year, bench manager Lisa Carr thinks they are stronger, smarter, and more cohesive. “This season, our team has put a great deal of emphasis on embracing all aspects of play in an effort to create well-rounded, complete skaters.”

Both teams have been known for sideline chants, and both will be looking to improve on their performances from last year. The winner will take on the winner of St. Chux and Suburbia/Treasure Valley.


#1 Grace Killy // #14 Strykher //#1789 Stormin’ DaCastle // #1KCC Scooter // #216 Frank Hurt’r // #22 Latina Heat // #23 Sharkira // #240 T-LO (Captain) // #28 Mother Tucker // #350 The Other White Meat // #38 Betty Boobs // #44 Freight Train // #5 Skittle // #54 Irish Vixen // #56 Frau KaPow // #716 Zotay // #724 Puss N Boots // #8 Carabunga // #934 Carmen Ejectya // #99 Becky The Butcher

Sin City

#09 Domme Juan // #111 Shockira // #12 Juke’r Luker // #1888 Jackie Reaper // #25 Anti Hero // #311 DissLoKate // #362 Dairy Heir (Captain) // #4 CMY K.O. // #415 Chick Basher // #435 Sticky Fingers // #475 Molly Tov // #49 Geneva Conviction // #521 Dixie Dash // #72 Yeti Page // #762 Warren Peace // #777 Bust’N Ace // #88 Shabamm // #923 Gypsy Whips // #999 Despicable Mia // #m60 21 Guns

Game 5: Friday 6PM

Detroit AllStars #2 Seed – WFTDA #44

Detroit has had a rough year, going from #15 to #41 by April. Big turnover in their roster led to some blowouts at Anarchy in the UK in March – but by Rollercon last month they had clearly upped their game as they registered better results against superior opposition.
Detroit may also be looking a bit different this weekend. Alassin Sane has just recently joined them from Atlanta, and veteran Elle McFearsome will be returning to the track. This year’s losses taught skater Lazer Beam to never give up. “There is always someone watching and wanting your post on the ranking board. Every point counts.”

As one of the older, more playoff experienced teams in the bracket, and with their strengthened roster, Detroit will likely be hitting the track hungry for a win. Their 2nd seed status puts them in a good position, and they will be taking on either Omaha or Brandywine for their Friday evening game. Winner of that will move on to the semi-final against either Tucson or Big Easy Saturday at 4PM.


#13 Off The Hook // #247 Boo D. Livers // #28 Racer Mcchaseher // #303 Bruisie Siouxxx // #31 Terror Ettes // #33 Cookie Rumble // #38DD Tig O’Hitties // #4 Meryl Slaughterburgh // #40 Murder City Mistress // #428 Freakin’ Rican // #45 Feta Sleeze // #46 Fatal Femme (Captain) // #6 Elle Mcfearsome // #620 Lazer Beam // #66 Perish-Her // #70L LostandFound // #73 Alassin Sane // #8 Ghetto Barbie // #999 U.S.S. DentHerPrize // #M1 Turbulence

Game 6: Friday 8PM

St. Chux Pack in Black #1 Seed – WFTDA #43

St. Chux brings new blood to the playoff scene, and are coming off a successful 10-2 season. They only barely lost to Arizona at BrewHaHa, and have a lingering loss on their record from last July to Twin City. They made up for that though, by beating them by 116 points in March.
In February they were ranked #63, and after sweeping all three games at their own invitational, Skate to Thrill, they jumped to #44 in only a few months. Currently they are ranked #34 on FTS and with only two spots in their way from a D1 invite on their first playoff trip, they are likely to be strong contenders this weekend.
SCDC’s Pack in Black have already played and beaten Omaha and Brewcity, but Ninja Sassem doesn’t expect to have it all in the bag. “…of course Detroit falling into the D2 will be a tough team to overcome, but we have been working exceedingly hard to up our game play over the last month and hopefully we finish well and make it to Nashville.”

With Sleazy E transferring from Arch Rival to further their jammer bench, their roster is looking stronger than ever. Their first game will be against either Suburbia or Treasure Valley, with the winner going on to play either Brewcity or Sin City, Saturday at 2PM.

St. Chux

#1 Ninja Sassem //#10k Blue Collar Brawler // #124Q Flash // #13 Zo D. Axe // #19 Bobbi Slamher // #1979 Lisa Frank-N-Stein // #2 Vixen Ta Getcha // #211 Stabby McCutcha // #22 Tara Eyes // #3 Sleazy E // #48 Jane Error // #480 Pixie Dust-ruction // #4CE Jedi Knight-n-Gale // #5 Slaughter Haus // #6AM Nikki Trixx // #A3RO Peg E. Sass // #AK47 Whip L’Ash (Captain) // #m80 GI Jaime

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