D2 Duluth: Detroit Runs Over Big Easy, 292-115


DULUTH, MN–From the first whistle to the last, Big Easy just could not handle Detroit. There was a brief rally for Big Easy once the game was won by Detroit, and the final score of 292-115 did not quite reflect quite the stranglehold that Detroit had on the game whilever they had a jammer on the track.

Detroit showcased some solid and brutal defence as they racked up their first 100–including 49 across two jams from Meryl Slaughterburgh–before Big Easy had managed to get a single non-power jam point on the board.

Two jammer penalties for Detroit were the only blemish on the first quarter and they continued to be almost Detroit’s only source of problems as the game wore on. With 20 minutes gone, Big Easy got their first non-power jam points on the board–but that still left them 121-27 points down.

Rock Bottom threw down some offence and got a little momentum going for Big Easy after that as they held Detroit scoreless for a few jams–but Big Easy only managed a 7-point return in that period.

Detroit held a comfortable 160-50 lead at the half despite giving up six power jams. The second half followed much the same pattern with Feta Sleeze taking on the role of Big Easy’s chief tormentor.

The final ten minutes saw Big Easy eat into the lead a little bit to up their ranking-point return for the 2015 playoff seeding battle as Detroit took their foot off the pedal–but the bout was very clearly won by that point. In that period Laser Beam became the second skater of the day to be ejected following an egregious clockwise block.

Detroit finished 292-115 winners and guaranteed themselves a return to Champs in Nashville–with only Sin City standing between them and the D2 championship bout.

Detroit Jammers Jams Lead Points Big Easy Jammers Jams Lead Points
Feta Sleeze (45) 13 9 113 Abeata Applebum (93) 17 9 59
Meryl Slaughterburgh (4) 13 9 99 Coalminer’s Slaughter (650) 20 6 50
Cookie Rumble (33) 4 3 31 Lacy Underalls (1108) 1 0 4
Lazer Beam (620) 6 2 26 Beatrix sKiddo (81) 3 1 2
Racer McChaseHer (28) 6 3 18        

Full bout stats available via Rinxter.


#13 Off The Hook // #247 Boo D. Livers // #28 Racer Mcchaseher // #303 Bruisie Siouxxx // #31 Terror Ettes // #33 Cookie Rumble // #4 Meryl Slaughterburgh // #40 Murder City Mistress // #428 Freakin’ Rican // #45 Feta Sleeze // #46 Fatal Femme (Captain) // #6 Elle Mcfearsome // #620 Lazer Beam // #66 Perish-Her // #70L LostandFound // #73 Alassin Sane // #8 Ghetto Barbie // #999 U.S.S. DentHerPrize


Big Easy

#00 Rock Bottom // #1108 Lacy Underalls // #1954 Bang Crosby // #2012 Rogue Roulette // #440 Harmaknee // #5 Diet Choke // #510 BRUTALicious // #650 Coalminer’s Slaughter (Captain) // #76 NOLA Ebola // #81 Beatrix Skiddo // #86 Killjoy // #911 Pork Chop Slamwich // #93 Abeata Applebum // #999 Muttley

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