D1FW Championship: (1) Denver Squishes (6) Ohio, 304-134


FORT WAYNE, IN–Ohio made a game of things for the first 25 minutes as they exploited Denver jammer penalties–but an 82-1 run for Denver either side of half time and an 83-4 run in the second period either side of another jammer penalty ensured the Mile High Club took the tournament victory with ease, 304-134.

Ohio got an early lead courtesy of a jam one backblock by Julie Adams. It took Denver a few minutes to get their act together, but in jam five Adams gave Denver their first lead with her third consecutive lead jam call. She put up 15 in that jam to give Denver a 33-18 lead before a second backblock call sent her to the box.

But the Denver defence held strong. They forced a star pass, and the jam expired without Ohio scoring. Phoenix Bunz put up 18 in the next jam as Denver were reduced to a single blocker–and that gave Ohio a 36-34 lead.

Sharpless restored the lead as the MHC continued to send blockers to the box in greater numbers than Ohio. Williams tore Ohio apart as The Smacktivist was held by Akers, Rivas, Sage and Serelson–she got a backblock but was released by a cut call on the Smacktivist before the Ohio jammer could escape. That jam finished 25-0 to Williams despite that penalty call, and Denver led 76-48 with 12 minutes gone.

Rivas forced a cut on Kitty Liquourbottom with Adams already scoring freely in the closing minutes of the half. That jam made the Denver lead 105-59 before Sharpless made the lead 50.

A forearm call on The Smacktivist with Wilhelm already scoring and a big Adams final jam let Denver give the scoreboard a much healthier look at half time than might have been expected minutes earlier–they led 149-59 at the break.

Jam one of the second period was the Serelson show. Even as the only blocker engaging for much of the initial period she held The Smacktivist as Adams made the lead 100 to make Denver’s scoring run a round 80-0 before The Smacktivist stole a point at the death.

Three jammer penalties in the third jam of the second period let Ohio break the 82-1 run Denver had been on since just before the half with 15 Smacktivist points. 5 points for Phoenix Bunz in the next jam made it 170-80. But a 23-0 jam for Adams with The Smacktivist held, knocked about and recycled by Rivas and Serelson restored the Mile High Club’s momentum.

As the MHC passed the 150-lead mark they begain to run clock with 13 minutes left. An 83-4 run for Denver ended as they decided clock management was more important than keeping Ohio scoreless, but still they inexorably extended their lead. A forearm call for Williams as she was running a jam with lead and points in the bag with 5 minutes left let The Smacktivist give the Ohio fans a first chance to really make some noise in the second period with a 23-point jam.

Wilhelm took Denver past 300 before Sharpless nervelessly closed the bout out; Denver won 304-134.

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