D1FW 7th: (7) Wasatch Shuts Down (8) Cincinnati, 275-95


FORT WAYNE, IN — Sunday’s battle for 7th place between 7th-seeded Wasatch and 8th-seeded Cincinnati was a relatively tight contest for the first 20 minutes, but Wasatch completely took over at that point. A half-spanning 132-6 run for Wasatch put the game far out of reach; with Wasatch’s 275-95 win, both teams ended up playing to seed.

Ali3 Kitt3n put Wasatch in the lead to start with a speedy 5-0 over K. Lethal, but Moonraker went to the box on a forearm very early in the second jam. Melanie Pfister and Skatey Gaga did a spectacular job of power jam defense, though, keeping Wheezy to only 4 points. When K. Lethal went to the box herself as Cincy jammer on the followup, Moonraker got all those points back and more with 10-0; after five minutes, Wasatch led 15-4.

That lead grew to 27-4 on the next before Cincy’s Wheezy picked up a good-looking natural 8-0 with strong defense from Buckhead Betty and Ruffi’n the Passer helping out; Wasatch led 27-12.

At the 20-minute mark with Wasatch up 32-16, there was something of a comically small pack as both teams had three blockers sitting or standing in the box; neither Moonraker and K. Lethal had much trouble in a 16-12 Cincy jam. That pushed things to 44-32, Wasatch still leading.

One jam later, with Cincinnati finally having closed the gap to single digits at 48-39, they lost ground on power jam as Bunz Bunny took 10-0 while K. Lethal watched from the box; on the other side of the power jam, Cincinnati got reduced to one blocker on the track. Ali3 Kitten made it 68-39 and ended the jam with Cincinnati still having three blockers in the box, but Wheezy somehow found a way to equalize the followup at 3-3. With 13 minutes to play in the first half, Wasatch led 71-42.

Scoring remained low to the next power jam, where Cincinnati lost Wheezy to the box; Harry Slaughter took the game’s largest jam with 20-0, making the score 99-46 with 8:35 in the half.

That jam very much changed the complexion of the game. Cincinnati got stuck at 46 points for the next few jams, including a full-length frame where both K. Lethal and Harry Slaughter were boxed but tough defense from Colonel Skirts, Bruiser Ego and Melanie Pfister let Slaughter take 12-0. Cincy only scored in two more of the half’s jams after the big 20-0 from Slaughter, going into the break at 132-52 Wasatch.

Helped along by jammer penalties to K. Lethal and Wheezy on the second and fourth jams of the second half, Wasatch kept Cincinnati blanked for the first ten minutes of the half to a new score of 167-52. Things went from bad to worse there when Cincinnati jammer Wheezy was boxed at the very end of a jam but went to her bench instead of the box; that left her with a two-minute sentence in the box. A 20-0 from Ali3 Kitten was followed by 15-0 to Bunz Bunny put the game definitively out of reach at 202-52 with about 16 minutes left to play.

K. Lethal finally got some scoring happening for Cincinnati at about the 15 minute mark, but it was still an ugly half for Cincy fans, as they were outscored by exactly 100 points. To add insult to injury, K. Lethal fouled out on the final jam of the game while holding lead jammer status, leaving Harry Slaughter alone to close out the game on a score of 275-95.

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