D1C: Windy Storms Philly, 221-174


MILWAUKEE, WI — Fighting for the right to take on Bay Area, Philly Roller Girls’ Liberty Belles took on the Windy City Rollers’ All-Stars at the 2013 WFTDA Championships. Coming into this game, Philly had taken the wins in their previous four meetings, the most recent being a one-point overtime win at the 2013 East Coast Derby Extravaganza.

The two sides continued the day’s theme of evenly-matched, down-to-the-wire games with a power-jam heavy bout with multiple lead changes. After a slow start, Philly established a 20-point margin five minutes in–but that was about as far as either side could stretch a lead until the game’s closing minutes, when Windy went on a 46-5 run that put enough air between them and Philly to secure them the win, 221-174: their first over Philly and their first on a first day of Championships.

Philly’s Antidote lined up next to Windy’s Ying O’Fire to start the game. Antidote surged forward at the whistle but a strong front defense by Windy kept her in long enough for Ying to get out with lead. Antidote followed her out and Ying was forced to call it with only 3 of 4 for her scoring pass.

Philly’s V-Diva took on Francey Pants in the second jam and managed a routine 4-0 jam to take the lead for Philly. The third jam continued the trend of 1-for-1 lead changes with Killa Nois taking it back for Windy.

Things finally broke open in the fourth jam of the game, with V-Diva starting the jam by knocking Ying O’Fire around before taking off to leave her caught in a Philly pack. Ying was called for a cut track, giving up the first power jam of the game about 4 minutes in. Diva capitalized on that and took Philly up to a healthy 26-7 lead, leaving Ying O’Fire standing in the penalty box with Windy’s star when she called off the jam.

The next jam saw the jammer penalty pendulum swing back, though. Devoida Mercy took lead with Ying still standing but Bork Bork Bork forced a cut track on her, giving Ying a power jam just after her return to play. Windy’s first power jam was not quite the success Philly’s had been and ended with a score of 30-22, Philly.

The Belles got their chance to answer a couple jams later when Persephone forced a cut on Varla Vendetta, giving Clam Jammer a chance to run up the score. She put up 18 before calling it off with Varla still in the box, making 48-22, Windy.

Philly drew their lead out over a number of small jams until, with just under 14:00 in the half, Varla Vendetta took a solid chunk out of the lead off a back-block call against Devoida Mercy. She called it off with Devoida still in the box and Windy sent Athena DeCrime for a power start with a 4-2 pack advantage. It was 57-54 Philly when Killa Nois took the star with Devoida Mercy standing in the box. She pushed Windy into the lead, 58-57, with 11:30 left in the half.

That lead was short lived. A couple jams later, Varla Vendetta was sent off for a track cut. She balked at the call, leading Philly to request an official review to request an insubordination which was not awarded. At that point, the scoreboard read 73-62, Philly.

Varla was sent right back to the box at the termination of the next jam for a hit after the whistle. That gave V-Diva a power jam with a 4-2 pack, which she parlayed into a 93-62 Philly lead. With just under 6 minutes left in the half, Philly was looking strong and benefitting from a number of power jams which they played passively. With about four minutes left, an Antidote track cut gave Varla Vendetta a power jam which closed that deficit almost entirely, making it a five-point game at 96-91 Philly.

Three jams later, with just 1:15 left in the first period, Windy took the lead following a track cut by V-Diva. Rangeon took the score up to 110-99, Windy, and called it off with Diva still seated. Philly’s bench called a time out with seven seconds left on the clock. The last jam of the half expanded Windy’s lead to 115 over 99–but got Philly’s jammer out of the box heading in to the half.

The second period opened slowly and the first couple of jams brought the score to only 118-101, with swift-moving packs limiting scoring. Just under three minutes in, Ying O’Fire gave up the half’s first power jam and V-Diva made 10 points out of it before being assessed a back block. That opportunity was squandered by Ying as she reentered in the forward engagement zone and returned immediately to the penalty box. Clam Jammer took the power jam next and closed the gap down to 118-114 with just under 25 minutes left.

Windy started jamming Jackie Daniels after that in an effort to maintain their lead. V-Diva was sent off for a brutal forearm penalty with just over 20:00 left to play; Windy used their official review to request an expulsion but did not get it. That made the score 150-121 Windy–but then Rangeon was sent off for a track cut.

Philly inched closer on that power jam and closed the gap to just two points at 150-148 before Ying O’Fire was sent off for a track cut at the conclusion of a jam. Clam Jammer took the star for the next jam and turned that power jam into a 162-150 lead. Unfortunately for Philly, that lead was extremely short lived, as V-Diva was called for a direction of game play penalty for a block executed while coming back onto the track. Rangeon took that opportunity to retake the lead for Windy, 170-162.

The very next jam saw a quick jammer swap with track cuts by Varla Vendetta and Antidote. Fortunately for Philly, Vendetta still had her initial pass to complete when she returned to play and Philly brought the game within a single point at 170-169 with 9 minutes left to play. Windy went on a solid run after that, owing to some blocker penalty trouble for Philly. Philly picked up just five points over the next 8 minutes, which left the score at 216-174 with just over a minute left to play.

Jackie Daniels got lead in the final jam and, for a while at least, smartly avoided engaging as the game clock ticked to zero. She followed that by skating out of bounds and giving Philly a power jam which was squandered by an almost immediate track cut. As the jam clock ticked off, Windy took the win, their first ever against Philly, 221-174.

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