D1C Third Place: Bay Area Rebuffs Denver, 224-174


MILWAUKEE, WI – the battle for third place at WFTDA Championships saw Denver Roller Dolls take on Bay Area Derby Girls. Both teams were hungry for a win after losses the previous day, but it was Bay Area whose hunger paid off – fighting until the end to win 224-174.

Bout stats via Rinxter.

The first jam saw Bricktator take on Adams, but the first penalty of the game was handed off soon after to Adams, who was sent to the box on a back block. Bricktator took on a full side of Denver defence, comprised of Serelson, Akers, S.H Long and Rivas. Bay Area managed to clock up 24 points, but when Adams returned from the penalty box, she completed her first scoring pass and brought the score to 24-4.

The second jam was a repeat performance of the last – Sharpless was boxed on a forearm, leaving Chantilly Mace to jam alone. Amanda Jamitinya was called in to assist Mace through the pack, helping Bay Area take another 15 points; Mace called it with Sharpless standing.

In the following three jams, Bay Area got into penalty trouble and Bucseck, Urrk’n Martin and Adams capitalized on this, and with just under ten minutes gone in the first half, the score gap closed to 43-31.

With 18 minutes left in the half, Bricktator took on Sharpless. With both teams in penalty trouble, each team worked in pairs to stop the jammers. When Sharpless was hit off the track, she was called on a cut by the outside pack ref, but the Denver jam ref overruled the call. Bay Area called their official review at the close of the jam, but the call stood.

With a quarter of the game in the can, Bay Area capitalized on a very weakened defense by Denver. Multiple jams whizzed by with Denver’s defense down to one or two blockers. Bay Area stretched the lead to 83-41.

With 12 minutes left in the half, Nock Nock was boxed on a blocking out of bounds penalty and Bucseck was given a powerjam. Dolly Rocket and Murderyn Monroe held the jammer long enough to cause her to call it, but with only two Bay Area blockers on track in the next jam, Martin jamming for Denver grabbed lead again. Bay Area got the reprieve they needed when Martin was boxed on a skating out of bounds penalty. Denver took their official review but the call stood.

Bricktator capitalized on the powerjam and stretched the score out to 113-65 with 8:00 left in the half. The remainder of the half was characterized by nickel-and-dime jams, and at the half, Bay Area held the lead 125-73.

Dolly Rocket and Brawllen Angel had a great start to the second half, keeping Urrk’n Martin stuck on her initial pass by hitting her to the infield time and time again. Chantilly Mace was able to travel through the pack twice and earn nine points for Bay Area.

In the second jam of the half, Bucseck was sent to the box, and Bay Area employed its now-standard strategy of calling the jam off after a few passes, stretching their powerjam opportunity into two jams. By the time Bucseck was released, Bay Area had stretched the score to 156-79.

With 22 minutes left to play, Nock Nock took a trip to the penalty box for low blocking opposing jammer Urrk’n Martin. Cathey, Rivas, Akers and Sarelson moved in on Bay Area to trap them to the inside line, allowing Martin to grab 30 points in the jam. In the following jam, Adams cleaned up and grabbed two further passes, but was boxed on a forearm. Nock Nock had only one or two blockers to beat on each pass, but after back-to-back jamming, looked beat as she approached the pack.

With 13 minutes to play, the score sat at 200-121 to Bay Area with Martin and Lulu Lockjaw jamming. Both jammers were sent to the box on a cut and had to return to a full complement of opposition blockers for the remainder of the jam. Martin got out first as Lulu was stuck fast behind Quigley, Long, Rivas and Barrett.

With nine minutes left in the half, both Nock Nock and Adams were boxed, and in the very next jam, Bucsek was boxed again, leaving Chantily Mace to take on Serelson, Akers, Quigley and Cathey alone. Dolly Rocket and Murderyn Monroe helped out with some offense, but the score was stretched out to 224-141 with just over five minutes left to play.

Denver got their own back with just under four minutes to play, as Bricktator was boxed for a track cut. Sharpless fought the tough defence delivered by Murderyn Monroe and Amanda Jamitinya working one backwards, one forwards, and at the jam’s end, Denver had grabbed another five points.

One of the more dramatic moments of the game came in the second to last jam, when Lulu Lockjaw was knocked down and out by the Denver jammer – she appeared to hit her head on the ground, and returned to the track protesting about the hit. Brawllen Angel called for a star pass, but with Lulu on the ground, the star was passed illegally and Lulu was sent to the box.

The final jam of the game saw Akers jam for Denver – she was called lead, but while Akers was on her first scoring pass, Lulu Lockjaw was declared lead after coming out of the penalty box and called it off. Some discussion was had in the center of the track, but the game was declared done. Bay Area took the win, and third place – final score 224-174.

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