D1C Quarterfinal: Denver Dodges Angel City, 200-125


MILWAUKEE, WI–Denver took the lead five minutes into their match against Angel City and held it throughout, taking lead jammer status reliably by pulling Angel City’s jammers to the sides and forcing them out in the opening seconds of many jams. Angel City, meanwhile, struggled to put up points when they weren’t on a power jam–and gave up plenty of power jams of their own. The combination of penalty control and strategy proved highly effective, letting Denver open up a 100-point margin ten minutes into the second half en route to a 200-125 victory.

Denver started the game with a seemingly endless supply of jammers, but then narrowed the field to a combination of Sharpless and Adams, with occasional highlights of Urrk’n Martin. Angel City fielded the usual suspects, with Cris Dobbins, Mickispeedia and Ghetto Fabu-Lez making much time.

The first jam of the bout starred Angel City’s Mickispeedia up on the jammer line against Adams–but a back block on her initial pass handed Micki a power jam. She put up 9-0 before calling it off as she was hit to the outside and recycled back, shortly after Adams returned to the track.

Denver answered with a quick 4-0 by Sharpless but Angel City maintained their lead with incremental additions until 10 minutes into the game; Urrk’n picked up a power jam over Ghetto and pushed Denver into the lead, 25-20.

The next few minutes went 44-1 in Denver’s favour as Satan’s Little Helper bounced in and out of the penalty box over three jams–and Angel City was never to recover from the margin opened up there.

A further string of penalties saw Denver’s lead stretch to 115-48 at the halftime, even in the face of heavy defence from Krissy Krash, Soledad and Tyra Shanks which managed to kill one of those power jams. The Scarlets called an official review at the half’s close to challenge the legality of Denver’s jammer box entry, but the call on the track stood.

Denver found themselves in penalty trouble in the second half, starting the period with some jammer penalties and losing Quigley to foul-out halfway through–but that didn’t slow them down much.

A forearm penalty for Urrk’n Martin handed Mickispeedia a powerjam and a 10-0 jam–and Angel City fans were further encouraged by a well-placed hit by Duchess von Damn in the next jam, leaving the score at 153-76 in Denver’s favour.

But the Mile High Club’s emphatic defensive response shut down any promise of the game trend altering–even in the face of a string of penalties to key players, including a last-second expulsion for Rivas following her seventh penalty, which was for direction of gameplay. At the time of this writing, no decision had been made on a possible suspension.

The game ended on a power jam for Angel City when Bucsek was forced on a cut by Tyra Shanks and the final score was 200-125 Denver, sending the Mile High Club on to face the Texecutioners in the semi-finals.

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