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In this weeks Skater of the week, we get to know the AMAZING COUP D’E TALIA!! She is an all round fantastic player who has been with the Pirates for many years, she also works tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep the wheels turning as well as ALWAYS having an encouraging, positive, supporting word to say to everyone,
She also manages to find time to train with the Team NZ training squad!

coup 2014

What is the story behind your name and number?
I liked the idea of incorporating my real name into my skate name. My short list got down to Coup d’eTalia and Jenna Talia. It was a pretty hard call, I ended up using my go-to decision making tactic – asking “what would Stephen Fry do?” My number 73 stands for the 1973 Chilean Coup d’etat.

What is your most memorable derby moment to date?
Don’t make me choose! there have been so many! The first time I made it onto the PCR All Scars team and travelling to TGSS. Travelling to Hawaii to play the Hooligans in 2013 (read derby themed holiday with my teamies). The All Scars winning Derby Royale in 2013. Playing with Otter Annihilation at Sur5val. Making the TeamNZ training squad. How long have you got? I’ve got more…

Being a member of the TeamNZ training squad, how do you feel this has impacted your game thus far?
I feel like my game has definitely improved. Just from the sheer amount of extra training I’m doing on and off the track. But also getting to train and play with some of our countries best skaters has been an amazing opportunity that’s really helped me step up.

Who inspires you in the derbyverse and why?
I could rattle of a bunch of amazing international skaters, but to be honest I’m most inspired by skaters I get to play and train with every week. Sugar Hit and Myrtle Kombat are both really inspirational to me. They’re always squeezing the most out of their training time, and I see them constantly apply themselves and constantly improving.

What is your secret talent/hobby outside of derby?
I really enjoy craft stuff: sewing, knitting, crocheting, book binding – but there is a very clear line and scrapbooking is on the other side of it.

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