Coasters take on Sur5al

Today 5 of our Coasters, Our Bench manager and a few of our league members got up very early and travelled over to Stirling to take part in the Coasters first ever sur5al game. Taking part were Coasters 2014 captain Melzilla M55, Beef 0007, Sickly Sweet 19, DeCoy 23 and Yoko 7 13 with Bench manager Slay’er and shadow bench Gemolition. We were also very proud that one of our crossover skaters, Spectra VON Glide was picked to play for Team crazy Legs in the sur5al bout.


We didn’t know what to expect from the other teams and it was a very hard day but we were over the moon to come out in 6th place and so proud of DeCoy who only went and won tournament MVP!!!


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