Full Metal Roller Derby: Coaching: It’s All In The Head!

Last week I coached for the first time and it was one of the most intimidating things I have ever done in my life! It’s probably safe to say I’m not alone in being nervous when speaking in front of a group of people,  but for me it’s on another level. Just thinking about speaking in front of a group makes me anxious! Despite the stomach of butterflies being more like a pit of snakes, I decided to challenge myself and try coaching. I had some reservations straight off the bat: I had no coaching experience apart from helping out on the fresh meat course and doing one to one sessions with them on min skills. I don’t have a catalogue of established drills that I know would work. The team is a mixture of levels from can’t skate to I was born with skates on my feet. But the other coaches were great in encouraging me and combating my self doubt and low self esteem. Feeling buoyed by their encouragement and belief in me I put my name down for a coaching session. After all I’m not presenting to the board, so how nervous could I be? 

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