Co-ed Roller Derby isn’t for Everyone and Thats OK.

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Co-ed roller derby is becoming bigger and bigger but I’ve been noticing more and more posts be on Facebook or Twitter about female skaters who don’t want to skate with men. In other words, co-ed roller derby isn’t for them. I totally respect that but it seems others do not.

I recently saw a  post from Roller Derby Pet Peeves which said “Peeve #60 Women who are for some reason against practicing with men.”
Why is that a pet peeve?

Now, I’m only using the Pet Peeves page as an example as I saw this post recently (they do post some funny stuff) but it’s not the first time I’ve come across this attitude. So many ‘why wouldn’t you want to skate with men?’, ‘grow up’, ‘you’ll never progress as a skater if you don’t move out of your comfort zones’  comments are popping up quite regularly.
What all the comments fail to take into account is that you don’t know everyone’s background. Sadly some women have come from a background of abuse and for them roller derby is ‘safe place’.

No one should have to justify why they don’t want to skate with someone from the opposite sex. For a lot of women they joined roller derby specifically because it was a female dominated sport, that doesn’t mean they hate men or don’t want men to play derby, it just means they want to play with and against women. That’s totally ok.
I know of plenty of men who don’t feel comfortable playing against women, that’s ok too. (Although I once read a comment from a guy who said that women couldn’t skate so he’d be wasting his time playing against women – shocking but true, that’s not cool.)

For those of you who like training and bouting with guys, that’s great.  That’s part of what makes roller derby so cool, we can pretty much do what we like, play who we like and train with who we like.
So next time you hear someone say they don’t want to play against men, just take a minute before you judge them.

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